Ambassador Cruise Line Asia's newest ship Signature joins Halong Bay sisterships

   August 13, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Halong Bay, a UNESCO site and one of Vietnam's most visited natural attractions is renowned for its towering limestone karsts and captivating jewel-toned waters. Just a short distance away lies the equally splendid Lan Ha Bay, smaller in size but no less awe-inspiring, and it is now the route of a new luxury cruise experience.

The Ambassador Signature ship stands as the latest addition to the Ambassador's cruise fleet, joining its counterparts, Ambassador I and Ambassador II, which operate in Halong Bay. Featuring a modest 39 expansive cabins, starting at a generous 300 square feet (28 m2), each cabin boasts a balcony and a private en-suite bathroom. Beyond the cabins, the ship is adorned with a spa, a melodious piano lounge, and a sun deck adorned with lavish loungers.

However, the true highlight shines through the onboard restaurant, under the guidance of the French celebrity chef David Gallienne. Having honed his skills at the Michelin-starred Manoir du Lys, David Gallienne earned his own Michelin star at his restaurant, Le Jardin des Plumes, situated in Giverny, France. (You might recognize him as the victor of season 11 of Top Chef as well.) Aboard the Ambassador Signature, Gallienne masterfully combines the nuances of French and Asian cuisines to create a culinary delight.

Embarking on one-night itineraries traversing Lan Ha Bay, the Ambassador Signature halts for captivating excursions at locales like the floating fishing village Viet Hai and the enigmatic Dark and Light Cave, accessible by bamboo boat or kayak. Naturally, ample time is allotted for passengers to bask in the beauty of the bay's landscapes from the comfort of the sun deck.

For those intrigued by this experience, rates commence at US$188 per person for a one-night cruise, promising an exceptional journey through this picturesque environment.

Note: Ambassador Cruise Line is a new UK-based company and travel brand, while Ambassador Cruise is a travel brand and subsidiary of the Vietnam-based Asia Premier Cruises Corporation.