Aurora Expeditions' subsidiary Pacific Travel Partners acquires Vantage Travel's assets

   August 22, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Pacific Travel Partners, a subsidiary of Aurora Expeditions Australia, has acquired the assets of Vantage Deluxe Travel. The acquisition occurred following Vantage Deluxe Travel's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, which placed its assets under court jurisdiction.

It's important to clarify that Pacific Travel Partners' acquisition is limited to the assets and doesn't involve taking over the entire business or retaining the previous management. However, Pacific Travel Partners has committed to honoring the obligations owed to unsecured creditors, including clients who had paid for travel services they hadn't yet received. These clients will be provided with credits that can be used towards future travel with Pacific Travel Partners.

These credits will be applied to upcoming travel, allowing customers to offset up to 50% of an Aurora voyage's cost based on the current brochure price. The specific terms and conditions regarding these passenger credits will be communicated to the affected passengers as soon as possible.

Moving forward, Pacific Travel Partners will operate under a new business name. In the coming weeks, the company will begin communicating with passengers to explain the process and the options available to them. A dedicated team of customer service agents will handle inquiries from passengers affected by these changes.