New 100% green ferry project unveiled by Incat Tasmania and DFDS

   April 29, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

A significant new partnership within the passenger shipping industry will result in the creation of a 100% green ferryboat exceeding 236 feet in length. What sets this project apart is the collaboration with one of the world's leading sustainable shipyards.

Tasmania, recognized as the greenest state in Australia for 7 consecutive years and a global leader in renewable energy adoption, hosts Incat Tasmania, a renowned shipyard with a long-standing reputation. In the early 1990s, Incat gained prominence for its role in developing large ferries for vehicle transportation and has since maintained its innovative standing.

Building on past successes, including the recent launch of the world's largest high-speed hybrid-electric ferry, Incat Tasmania has entered into an agreement with DFDS Seaways to construct the new ferry. This vessel, measuring 72 m (236 ft), will operate on European routes initially using hybrid-electric propulsion and later transitioning to battery-electric propulsion.

Incat's ferries are crafted on a fresh platform designed explicitly for electric propulsion. Leveraging expertise in aluminum vessel construction, Incat developed a new generation of lightweight ferries capable of efficient operation without traditional fuel consumption.

These modern ships, with their innovative hull design and aluminum structure, weigh nearly half as much as traditional steel vessels. This substantial weight reduction minimizes energy demands, facilitating compatibility with electric propulsion systems. Additionally, the design focus on lower operational speeds enables efficient performance with reduced battery requirements, further enhancing energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Aluminum construction offers numerous benefits beyond energy efficiency, including enhanced corrosion resistance and prolonged vessel lifespan compared to steel. Furthermore, aluminum fabrication processes are less environmentally impactful than steel coating methods, aligning with Tasmania's commitment to sustainability.

Incat Tasmania operates solely on renewable energy. This eco-conscious approach extends to vessel design and construction, underscoring the shipyard's dedication to green maritime solutions.