Royal Caribbean to Build Accommodations on Coco Cay

By ,   May 15, 2018 ,   Cruise Industry

Royal Caribbean is looking at the possibility of building accommodations on Coco Cay to allow a number of passengers to stay for one night or longer.

According to line's president Michael Bayley, the concept would include a number of high-end cabanas for suite passengers, who could come and go on any of the ten ships scheduled to call at CocoCay.

Port of Coco Cay (Bahamas private island)

Bayley added that the US$200 million revamp of CocoCay that was currently underway included lighting and infrastructure that would enable late-night and overnight stays.

It would probably be ten cabanas of suite-type quality that would be pretty high-priced, and then guests would have the ability to hop on any one of line's ships. Bayley also said there was a lot of revenue and logistical issues to work out with the idea.