Dublin Port Plans to Develop for More Big Cruise Ships

   December 5, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Dublin Port Company plans to develop port stretches for more big cruise liners until 2040.

Currently, officials are pondering one piece of the plan: they are trying to decide whether to create specific berths for large cruise vessels as part of Alexandra Basin's redevelopment and they want interested stakeholders and the public to weigh in.

Today, cruise ships berth at Alexandra Basin. However, with big works kicking off in 2021, coupled with a growth in cargo, the existing space is tight for massive ships.

A spokesperson for Port Dublin said they were going to lose 400 metres of quay. Many bulk cargo goes there and they had to juggle things around.

Port of Dublin (Ireland)

One proposal is to build specific berths, wide enough to be used by the largest cruise ships. But whether they are needed or who would pay for the berths, are questions that port officials are musing.

Dublin Port officials, though, are not concerned just about the price-tag (estimates to be from EUR 137 million up to EUR 172 million for “the most comprehensive option”) but about the impact on the city, over-tourism, and pollution from the huge liners.

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