Royal Caribbean to Increase Port Calls to St. Maarten

   March 7, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

RCCL-Royal Caribbean working in partnership with St Maarten port representatives, took a significant step in advancing the relationship with the popular cruise port Philipsburg St Maarten. RCCL has modified its itineraries adding 15 port calls to the island in 2020 that is expected to increase the number of cruise arrivals there to 68,000+ passengers.

Traditionally, St Maarten Island as a cruise destination has peak season between December-March. Between May-December, there is a reduction in the visitor arrival numbers that impact the tourism-based economy of the island. Additional Royal Caribbean guest arrivals during the May-December period help moderate the highs/lows of tourism season fluctuations.

Port of Philipsburg (St Maarten Island, Dutch Antilles)

RCCL announced the addition of port calls by its Freedom of the Seas. Beginning in May and running through December 2020, St Maarten officials anticipate that the company's vacationers on the amplified Freedom of the Seas will take advantage of its beaches and adventure experiences.