UK tourists urged by Foreign Office to avoid cruises

   July 10, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

Domestic tourists are being urged by the UK government to avoid cruise ship travel.

The UK's FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) issued a statement on Thursday, July 9, advising against ship cruising due to the ongoing pandemic. This comes after the advice against nonessential foreign travel from England was lifted for many destinations on July 4.

The FCO pledged to “continue to review” its position on sailings, which is “based on medical advice” from Public Health England. The Office insisted that it continued "to support the Department for Transport’s work with industry for the resumption of international cruise travel”.

The travel advice means a wealth of holidaymakers with future bookings risk having their cruises canceled.

In March, the FCO advised Britons aged 70+, and those with underlying health conditions, to avoid cruises.

The UK's biggest cruise brand - the Carnival Corporation-owned P&O Cruises - suspended passenger shipping operations through mid-October.