Port of Galveston TX opens for business after Hurricane Laura

   August 31, 2020 ,   Accidents

Port Galveston Texas remains open for business and provides maritime-related jobs along with economic benefits for the region after Hurricane Laura.

Port's CEO and Port Director Rodger Rees said they had "an exceptional emergency response team that worked diligently with the U.S. Coast Guard to assure the safety of the port’s property and its people." He added they were ready to immediately resume operations "following the Captain of the Port declaring it safe to do so." All port business activities were running normally at the time.

All terminals are currently open and fully operational with a number of ships scheduled to visit the port this weekend. Additionally, 4 lay ships are also due to berth at the port for short-term services like inspections and supplies.

Port of Galveston (Texas)

Port Galveston TX ceased all operations Tuesday afternoon, August 25, following the Captain of the Port set port condition "Yankee" because of heavy weather conditions from Hurricane Laura. The port remained fully closed on Wednesday, August 26, and reopened partially at noon on Thursday, August 27, to allow users and tenants to inspect their facilities. On Friday, August 28, the port was already open for business.