Saga Cruises UK requires all passengers to have COVID vaccination

   January 20, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Saga Cruises UK, part of Saga Group targeting the over-50s travelers, will become the world's first cruise shipping company to require all of its booked customers to be COVID-vaccinated prior the departure.

The company, whose clients are primarily in the UK, said on Wednesday, January 20, that it had told holidaymakers they had to be fully inoculated against the Coronavirus at least 14 days prior departure and take a pre-departure Covid test.

The requirement means all cruisers must have had 2 doses of vaccine.

The UK government has stretched the time between vaccine doses by up to 12 weeks, raising questions about effectiveness.

Saga UK announced it had delayed the beginning of its holiday program until May 2021 to allow their customers time to get vaccinated.

Saga recently did a survey of 2000 clients which showed that 98% were in favor of making vaccination compulsory before passengers embarked.