Costa Cruises boasts new logo and a host of new features

   October 4, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Costa Cruises presented a host of new features for its vacations, reshaping what the Italian line has to offer.

The new concept of Costa is based on enabling passengers to explore destinations via unique experiences, both onboard and ashore. To build the experiences, the company focused on 3 key areas: cuisine, tours, and sustainability, with a brand new visual identity to communicate them.

Costa's new logo's most recognizable element is the iconic “C”, which has been accompanying the brand worldwide for 70+ years. The new “C” is bringing together a couple of different motifs in a "sinuous, enveloping embrace": the earth, in yellow, seen in the logo's lower part, and the sea, in blue, seen in the upper part.

Costa Cruises logo - CruiseMapper

The Carnival Corporation-owned Costa Cruises has called on the expertise of 3 of the world’s finest chefs - Bruno Barbieri, Helene Darroze, Angel Leon. The trio has explored authentic local recipes from destinations visited by Costa ships, reworking them with personal know-how. Costa has created 2 major features: the new Archipelago restaurant and Destination Dishes.

The new Archipelago restaurant on Costa Smeralda (coming soon to other fleetmates) gives passengers a unique culinary experience with 3 menus to choose from, one by each of the chefs. The menus feature five exquisite dishes created to explore each part of the route through its cuisine. 

Destination Dishes include the individual recipes designed by the 3 chefs, interpreting the flavors and traditions of the places passengers will be visiting the following day. These are available at the main restaurants on all Costa ships, included in the price of the voyage.