Lindblad Expeditions Holdings acquires 80% stake in Classic Journeys, LLC

   October 20, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc announced that it had acquired a majority (80%) stake in the luxury walking tour company Classic Journeys LLC.

The acquisition broadens Lindblad’s platform of high-quality product offerings in adventure travel sectors, such as the cultural walking tour market.

Similar to the acquisition of "Natural Habitat", "Off the Beaten Path LLC" and "DuVine Cycling+Adventure Co", Lindblad will leverage experience to accelerate the Classic Journeys' growth and capitalize on the demand for authentic adventure travel and wellness around the globe.

National Geographic Endurance cruise ship

Since 1995, Classic Journeys has been offering luxury walking tours focused on engaging experiences that immerse passengers into the history and culture of the places explored and the people who live there. The tours of Classic Journeys are highlighted by expert local guides who live in the regions visited, luxury accommodations, and handcrafted itineraries curated through years of experience.

Whether it is joining a count & countess to walk through vineyards to their Tuscany villa, walking on the glacier's tongue to a gourmet picnic with Viking-descendant guides, or pausing an oasis walk to share mint tea with a Berber tribesman in Morocco, Classic Journeys features a unique cultural experience where vacationers can take their time on foot and blend in with the nature around them.