Silversea's ‘Project Evolution’ is the first cruise ship to use fuel cells providing 100% of power at port

   October 23, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

The industry’s first hybrid-powered cruise ship is scheduled to debut in summer 2023 (Silver Nova) as part of the RCG-Royal Caribbean Group’s brand Silversea.

The new class of ships, popular as ‘Project Evolution,’ is due to operate using three power sources including a fuel cell system, dual-fuel engines, and battery technology using LNG (liquefied natural gas) as the main fuel. The hybrid solution, using fuel cell technology, allows the cruise ship to be free of local emissions while at the port, which is another industry first.

The hybrid technology not only helps whilst in port but also allows Project Evolution to achieve a total of 40% overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per double occupancy in comparison with the brand’s previous class of cruise ships. The class is also projected to achieve an EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) rating ~25% better than applicable IMO (International Maritime Organization) requirements.

Royal Caribbean is known for its robust portfolio of technologies enhancing waste treatment, water management, and energy efficiency. The progress remains rooted in continuous improvement. It will drive the future of the group as alternative, non-carbon-based solutions become available in order to support the overall decarbonization journey.

Silver Origin cruise ship

Project Evolution’s suite of initiatives, developed via a partnership with Meyer Werft Shipyard (in Papenburg), is expected to bring energy efficiency to a new level. They will include first-of-its-kind initiatives as well as successful features previously introduced like Fuel Cell System, LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), Battery, Waste to Energy (Micro Auto Gasification System), Progress to Carbon Neutral Construction.