US Coast Guard investigating Royal Caribbean's Harmony OTS after SpaceX rocket launch was aborted

   February 2, 2022 ,   Accidents

The US Coast Guard (USCG) opened an investigation after a RCI-Royal Caribbean ship sailed too close to a SpaceX rocket launch on Sunday, January 30, forcing the liftoff to be aborted.

An operator called off the mission just ~30 seconds before SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket was due to take off Sunday evening because RCI's Harmony OTS was approaching the launch site's no-go zone.

In a statement, USCG spokesperson David Micallef said they could confirm the ship had been Harmony of the Seas.

"The Coast Guard is actively investigating Sunday's cruise ship incursion and postponement of the SpaceX launch."

According to Port Canaveral's CEO John Murray that was an isolated incident that had happened outside of their control. Murray added that the USCG was conducting "a full investigation into the situation."

Harmony Of The Seas cruise ship

Sunday's attempt was the 4th consecutive day that SpaceX had tried to launch the COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation FM2 mission, which involves sending an observation satellite for the Italian Space Agency into space.

On Monday, January 31, SpaceX finally sent the rocket into orbit making it the company's 4th launch in one month.

The launch left Elon Musk's company on track to achieving the reported goal of launching 52 missions in 2022, or 4 rockets on average per month.

For more Harmony of the Seas incidents and accidents see the ship's CruiseMinus page.

Note: SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, 2002-founded by Elon Musk) is an aerospace manufacturer and provider of space launch vehicles/transportation services. As of 2022, SpaceX manufactures and operates medium-lift launch rockets of the Falcon 9 Full Thrust series.

Curiously, Royal Caribbean has its own "space cruise" project - Orbiter of the Galaxies.

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