Orbiter of the Galaxies

   October 7, 2016 ,   Ships and Lines

This is CruiseMapper's page dedicated to the world's first "space cruise ship" - Orbiter of the Galaxies. The hybrid vessel will be built for the Royal Caribbean International cruise line. Here you will find the latest news, officially released information on cabins, facilities, and amenities, also fun facts and, eventually, the deck plans of the Orbiter of the Galaxies ship.

Orbiter of the Galaxies space cruise ship

On April 1, 2016 (the "joke day"), the RCI cruise company officially announced its intentions to be the first one ever offering a revolutionary new "space cruise ship" experience. The state-of-the-art space ship will be named "Orbiter of the Galaxies", with a confirmed scheduled launch in the year 2030. Construction of the "space and cruise ship" hybrid vessel is already underway.Orbiter of the Galaxies - CruiseMapper

The Royal Caribbean space ship Orbiter will feature the following facilities, amenities, and services:

  • TWO70° (multi-deck lounge with 270-degree panoramic space view from floor-ceiling glass walls)
  • WONDERLAND Imaginative Cuisine (gourmet restaurant)
  • RIPCORD BY IFLY (out of the ship "space walking" experience)
  • VOOM Internet connection (the fastest in space)
  • Food and drink menus will be designed to suit space climates.
  • Stage shows will be adapted for zero- and micro-gravity conditions.
  • The space passengers will enjoy a "gold standard" service.
  • The space ship will be operated with all-inclusive cruise deals.
  • The vessel has a revolutionary new design and will be the RCI fleet's ultimate jewel.
  • Launch date, departure location, and itineraries will be announced in due course.

The "Orbiter of the Galaxies" spaceship project is via a partnership with the UK's National Space Centre. The Centre itself is among the UK's best-known tourist attractions located in Leicester, England. It was opened to the public on June 30, 2001. The tower building is 42 m (138 ft) tall.

  • The National Space Centre is devoted to astronomy and space science. It is a partnership between the Space Research Centre (SRC, University of Leicester) and local United Kingdom government agencies. The Centre is run as an educational charity and hosts regularly science workshops for school kids.
  • The Centre will also develop a special training program for the ship's staff and crew. The program will cover various aspects related to working in microgravity conditions, including cleaning and cooking in space.