What to Wear on a Carnival Cruise? Dress Code for Dinner

   November 26, 2015 ,   Ships and Lines

The Carnival dress code - what to wear on Carnival cruise, "dress code for dinner" review. What are the Carnival Dining Room dress code requirements - what to wear, where to wear it, and probably why. When considering the specifics of the Carnival dress code keep in mind, that one classy evening with all of you dressed up won't hurt anyone. Actually, it's the perfect excuse for you guys to look even more pretty than you usually do! Integrated with Carnival cruise information, tips, and tricks.

Carnival - dress code questions

What is the dress code on the first day? What are dinner dress code rules for men, women, and children in MDR (main dining room), for breakfast and lunch (MDRs) and specialty restaurants (steakhouse/supper club)?

Carnival cruise dress code

Generally speaking, "Carnival" means "Less Formal to Casual". Still, the dress code for dinner depends on the dining option you choose while onboard. There are 4 main Carnival dining options on ships - main dining room (two big capacity restaurants), casual dining (a Lido buffet, and the new venues which are by the new Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades program), specialty dining (limited capacity feature restaurants) and the 24-hour complimentary room service. As to their dress code requirements - the 1st is casual (with 1 dressy night), the 2nd is very casual, the 3rd is formal and 4th is totally a "freestyle" deal.

What not to wear on a Carnival cruise - dress code requirements do not allow it

The new dress code on Carnival ships was implemented fleet-wide in May 2011. The first and most important issue about any dress code is what you CAN NOT wear in the main dining rooms during dinner. The NO-list includes footwear with wheels, flip-flops, roller-blades (jeez!), tracksuit trousers, gym, and basketball shorts, bathing (swimming) suits, beach flip-flops, Т-shirts (sleeveless shirts), sportswear, baseball hats. Аnd about the "forbidden" jeans types - all the "anomalies", like cut-offs, rips, acid-washed, and so on. While onboard, low heeled or flat shoes (rubber-soled) are recommended for extra traction.

Carnival Cruise Dress Code for dinner, formal night, breakfast, for kids

Dining Dress Codefor MENfor WOMEN
"CRUISE CASUAL" (MDRs)polo/sport shirts with sport slacks (dockers, khakis), jeans (cut-offs are not permitted), pressed long dress shorts with collared sport shirts and proper footwear (you're likely to be in the minority), jackets.casual dresses and skirts (including summer dresses), pantsuits, Capri pants, pants and blouses, dress shirts, and again jeans (but no cut-offs or rips). Cardigans and blazers are also OK.
"CRUISE ELEGANT" (1 or 2 formal nights per cruise, in MDRs)dress slacks and shirts, a sport coat and a jacket are suggested (but not required), the same goes for the business suit (tie or no tie).cocktail dresses, pantsuit, elegant skirts with blouses. Although this level of dress is not required, on elegant nights guests may choose to dress more formally (suit and tie, tuxedo, and the evening gown).
"CRUISE FORMAL" (required in specialty restaurants)tuxedo, the tie is mandatory (either with suit or jacket).evening gown, cocktail dress, pantsuit. The "Elegant" dress code is permitted in the Steakhouse on the "Casual" evenings.
  • Carnival cruise ship dress code on the first night is casual, but in the Steakhouse shorts again are NOT permitted. Carnival knows that your luggage may have not been delivered to your cabin until after dinner, that's why the first night is always less formal than any other night, and pretty much anything goes in the MDR (even cargo shorts, T-shirts, sneakers, etc). The first sea day dinner is usually Elegant.
  • Depending on the itinerary length - one "Elegant" evening on 2-5-day sailings, 2 "Elegant" evenings on 6-day and longer sailings.
  • Carnival dress code for KIDS. There's no age limit considering all the dress code FAQs, so kids are expected to comply with the same rules as for the adults in the main dining room. Your boy in khakis & a polo and your girl in a sundress will be just fine on "Elegant" nights. Know that Carnival allows nice shorts on the non-formal evenings.
  • The Carnival dress code for breakfast and lunch is more relaxed than for the dinner. Yet again, bathing suit attire, jeans and the rest of the stuff from the Carnival's NO-list are still not allowed in the MDR.

Unlike other lines tending to enforce the fancy dress code throughout their fleets, CCL’s dress code applies mainly to the MDR. On formal nights, many people can be seen walking around the ship in shorts/flip-flops, and this is not considered a bad taste or whatever.

So, if you prefer a casual and more relaxed type of vacation, Carnival is one of your best ever choices. For those not enjoying so much the opportunity to dress up for dinner "like them ladies and gentlemen", "Nightly Casual" is always OK in the Lido buffet-style restaurants on the boat. There's one such casual dining restaurant on each Carnival ship - a buffet during the day, and open nightly as a bistro. Your absolutely casual "Seaview Bistro" is located near the pool towards the ship's rear.

Note: shirts and footwear (shoes or flip-flops) must be worn at all times. Acceptable at any time are shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops, but inside the Lido buffet shirts/footwear must be worn at all times.