Costa Mediterranea deck plans

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Costa Mediterranea deck plan review at CruiseMapper provides newest cruise deck plans (floor layouts of the vessel) extracted from the officially issued by Costa Cruises deckplan pdf (printable version).

Each of the Costa Mediterranea cruise ship deck plans are conveniently combined with a legend (showing cabin codes) and detailed review of all the deck's venues and passenger-accessible indoor and outdoor areas. A separate link provides an extensive information on Costa Mediterranea staterooms (cabins and suites), including photos, cabin plans and amenities by room type and category.

Costa Mediterranea (built 2003, last refurbished 2013, scheduled refurbishment 2017) is the second (last) of the Spirit-class Costa cruise ships – together with Costa Atlantica. From this vessel class are also the Carnival cruise ships Legend,MiraclePride and Spirit.

Costa Mediterranea cruise ship deck plan has a total of 1057 staterooms for 2114 passengers (max capacity is 2680 guests), served by 930 crew/staff. The ship has 12 passenger decks (all named after Greek mythology gods and goddesses), 3 restaurants, 14 lounges and bars, 4 swimming pools (one with retractable glass roof), 4 jacuzzies, 15 elevators. Mediterranea has no self-service laundromats on board.

Mediterranea has many modern art works (inspired by 17-18th century Italian palaces and famous buildings) on display at various places throughout the ship.

Costa Mediterranea refurbishment 2013 review

During the ship's 2013 drydock refurbishment (November 21 - December 4, done by Fincantieri in Palermo Sicily) were performed routine maintenance (hull cleaning, repainting), all public venues received new carpets and curtains. The refurbishment project was budgeted EUR 4 million.

Cruise ship Pepper robots

An innovative AIDA and Costa Cruises program implemented latest cyborg technology fleetwide. Humanoid robots greet and guide passengers upon embarkation. They also assist them throughout the cruise by providing information and tips on dining (restaurants, bars), entertainment (lounges, scheduled events, presentations, promotions) and Costa Cruises shore excursions and tours (offered in ports of call along the cruise ship itinerary).

These robots (named “Pepper”) are able to communicate in 3 different languages (English, German, Italian), to move fluidly and even to interpret human emotions by analyzing voice tones and face expressions.

Designed by the companies ALDEBARAN and SoftBank, the Pepper robot was launched in Japan (June 2014) as the world’s first “emotional” robot. The machine's main statistics are:

  • height 120 cm / 4 ft
  • weight 28 kg / 62 pounds
  • 3x wheels (omnidirectional)
  • 17x joints
  • 1x 3D depth sensor
  • 2x HD cameras
  • 4x microphones
  • touch sensors (in its head and hands)
  • a 10-inch (25 cm) touch screen

The new technology was first tested on the AIDAstella ship where Pepper learned to engage with passengers and crew. The first set of robots were introduced on Costa Diadema and AIDAprima in April 2016. By the end of summer 2016, Pepper robots were added on all AIDA and Costa ships.

Deck layouts

  • Deck 01 - Circe

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 01 - Circe
  • Deck 02 - Tersicore

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 02 - Tersicore
  • Deck 03 - Bacco

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 03 - Bacco
  • Deck 04 - Teseo

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 04 - Teseo
  • Deck 05 - Orfeo

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 05 - Orfeo
  • Deck 06 - Narciso

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 06 - Narciso
  • Deck 07 - Prometeo

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 07 - Prometeo
  • Deck 08 - Pegaso

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 08 - Pegaso
  • Deck 09 - Armonia

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 09 - Armonia
  • Deck 10 - Cleopatra

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 10 - Cleopatra
  • Deck 11 - Pandora

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 11 - Pandora
  • Deck 12 - Medea

    Costa Mediterranea Deck 12 - Medea

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