Beagle Channel (Glacier Alley, Chile Patagonia)

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Arctic - Antarctica

-54.94357 S, -68.84015 W

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Beagle Channel (aka Glacier Alley) is surrounded by the Darwin Mountain Range peaks and the breathtaking view of D`Aggostini National Park. This narrow strait in Tierra del Fuego is named after HMS Beagle, a British ship that first surveyed the area during its world circumnavigation (1826-1830).

Beagle Channel (Chile Antarctica)

  • Beagle Channel is located in the Chile's Tierra del Fuego province, close to the South America's southern tip. It separates the Tierra del Fuego's Isla Grande from the archipelago's southernmost islands, among which are Hoste;, Londonderry, Navarino; Picton-Lennox-Nueva. At approx 31 ml (50 km) from its western end the strait divides into 2 branches - north and south of the Gordon Island. The southwest branch (between the islands Hoste and Gordon) enters the Pacific Ocean at Cook Bay. The northwest branch (between the islands Isla Grande and Gordon) enters the Darwin Sound - connecting it to the Pacific Ocean by the channels O'Brien and Ballenero. The two biggest port towns on Beagle Channel are Ushuaia (Argentina) and Puerto Williams (Navarino Island, Chile).
  • The strait provides sheltered passage between Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Its western part is wholly inside Chile, while its eastern part forms a boundary between Chile (south) and Argentina (north).
  • Beagle Channel has lengggth of approx 150 ml (240 km) and width between 3-8 ml (5-13 km). As cruise ships sail through its north-western (Chilean) branch (the so called "Glacier Avenue" or "Glacier Alley"), passengers can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the world-famous glaciers named Alemania, Francia, Holanda, Italia and Romanche (among others). All these blue-iced glaciers fall from heights of over 1000 ft (300 m) down to the water below.

Beagle Channel, along with the Magellan Strait (to the north) and the Drake Passage (to the south) are the only navigable sea ways (passages) around South America. However, most large-sized commercial (cargo shipping) vessels operate on itineraries via Drake Passage or Strait of Magellan. Under the 1984's Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Argentina and Chile, marine vessels (including cruise ships) of other nations are allowed to navigate these waters only with a Chilean pilot on board.

Highlights: Darwin Mountain Range, glaciers, D`Aggostini National Park

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Day Ships in port
2 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 02 Jan - departing at 02 Jan)
6 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 06 Jan - departing at 06 Jan)
9 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 09 Jan - departing at 09 Jan)
13 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 13 Jan - departing at 13 Jan)
16 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 16 Jan - departing at 16 Jan)
20 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 20 Jan - departing at 20 Jan)
23 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 23 Jan - departing at 23 Jan)
27 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 27 Jan - departing at 27 Jan)
30 January, 2018
MV Stella Australis(arriving at 30 Jan - departing at 30 Jan)
2018 January