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Koror cruise port

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06:35 22 Aug 2018

7.33510 N, 134.45704 E

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Koror is the capital city of the Republic of Palau and its main commercial centre. The Palau state consists of several islands, the most prominent of which is Koror Island. Much of the Palau Islands' economy is based on tourism (including by cruise ship passengers), also on agriculture and commercial fishing,. However, a significant portion of its GNP is derived from foreign aid (mainly from USA).

  • Palau Islands has a total land area of 465 km2 (180 ml2) and population of around 18,000.
  • Among the most popular tour activities is scuba diving (facilities and shops are located all over Koror).
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes, resorts and hotels are all available.
  • Dolphins Pacific - the world's largest dolphin research facility - is open for tourists interested in interacting and swimming with trained dolphins.
  • Since 2001, the Koror Jail - the country's only correctional facility - is also a tourist destination due to inmates who create and sell wooden storyboards at a retail facility on the jail's grounds.
  • In the first months of WW1 (1914 to 1918), the Japanese army occupied all Germany-owned islands north of the equator, including Pallau as part of German New Guinea. Politically, today Palau is a presidential republic and a free-associated state with the USA (providing its defense, funding, and social services). The official currency the USD. During WW2 (1939 to 1945), after the Battle of Peleliu (1944) USA captured Palau from Japan. Then all Palau Islands passed formally to the USA under UN auspices (1947).

Koror Island

Koror Island has population of around 14,000, which is around 70% of the country's entire population. The city of Koror is the palau's former capital and largest town (population around 12,000). In 2006, the city of Ngerulmud (on Babeldaob Island) became Palau's capital. 

The island of Koror is connected to 3 neighbouring isles by bridges: Ngerekebesang Island (to the west, where is the country's 2nd-largest town - Meyuns), Malakal Island (to the southeast, where the Koror's port is located) and with Babeldaob Islnd (to the north, where is the capital city Ngerulmud and also the Koror Airport).

Babeldaob Island

Babeldaob is among the Pacific Ocean's most underdeveloped big-sized islands. This is Micronesia's 2nd largest - after Guam Island - with a total land area of 331 km2 (128 ml2), which is over 70% of the Palau's entire territory. Its population is around 6,000 (or roughly 30% of the palau's population). The island is located northeast of Koror Island. In its northern part are the Ngerulmud (capital city), while the Airai Airport (aka Koror International Airport) is in its southern part. The Koror-Babeldaob Bridge has length of length of 413 m (1355 ft) and connects Babeldaob to Koror Island.

During the whole WW2, on the Babeldaob  Island there was a Japanese garrison of around 21,500 army men and around 8,300 navy men.

The capital city Ngerulmud is located approx 20 km (12 ml) northeast of Koror.

Ngerekebesang Island

On Ngerekebesang Island there are 3 towns: Ngerekebesang, Meyuns, and Echang. In Meyuns is the palau's largest hospital ("Belau National Hospital"). Ngerkebesang Island is connected with Koror Island by a causeway, originally built during WW2 by the Japanese.

Malakal Island

Malakal Island is where the Koror's port (cargo and cruise ship) is located. here is also the Palau's national radio station.

Koror cruise terminal

Most cruise ships to Palau Islands dock (anchor) at Port Koror - on the Malakal Island's southeastern coast.

Ships to Sonsorol Island Palau dock (anchor) at Dongosaru - port town on the northern coast.

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Cruise ships to Sonsorol Island Palau dock (anchor) at Dongosaru - port town on the northern coast.

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