Pulau Ternate Island (Maluku, Indonesia)

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Pulau Ternate Island cruise port


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12:52 21 Jul 2018

0.76700 N, 127.37685 E

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Ternate is an island in Maluku Islands (Moluccas) located in eastern Indonesia.  The port city of Ternate on the island covers a total area of approx 111,39 km2 (43,01 ml2) and has a population of around 185,700 people (2010 census).

  • Pulau Ternate Island was the center of former Sultanate of Ternate. It is 'situated off the west coast of the larger Halmahera Island. 
  • Like its neighbouring Tidore Island, Ternate is a dramatic cone-shape. Both islands are ancient Islamic sultanates (Tidore's and Ternate's Sultanate) with a long history of rivalry. The islands were once the single major producer of cloves in the world, a commodity which allowed the sultans to become among the wealthiest of all in the Indonesian region. During the precolonial era, the island was the dominant economic and political power over most of Maluku's "Spice Islands".
  • Currently, Ternate City is the biggest in North Maluku province, within which the isle constitutes a kotamadya (municipality). However, it is no longer the provincial capital, a title today held by Sofifi on Halmahera.
  • "Ternate Essay" is a pioneering account of evolution by natural selection that was written on Pulau Ternate Island by Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) in 1858 and sent to Charles Darwin (1809-1882). Darwin responded by publishing the essay of Wallace along with his own accounts of the theory.
  • Pulau Ternate Island is dominated by the volcanic 1,715 m (5,626 ft) Mount Gamalama. An eruption in 1840 destroyed most houses. Other eruptions occurred in 1980, 1983, 1994, 2011. During the 2011 eruption, the government of Indonesia closed a domestic airport close to the volcano for a few days following ash emissions which reached 2,000 m (6,600 ft) into the atmosphere.
  • Greater Ternate City (Kota Ternate in Indonesian) stretches 10 km (6,2 ml) from the airport to port Bastiong. The commercial centre spreads 2 km from the bus terminal close to Fort Oranye to Ahmad Yani Port. It is the largest town situated in North Maluku province.
  • The Sultan's Palace, constructed in 1796, is partly a museum. Fort Oranje, erected by the Dutch in 1607, was home of Dutch East Indies Company until in 1619 it moved to Batavia (Jakarta).

Pulau Ternate Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Ternate Island dock (anchor) at Ternate - port town on the southeastern coast.

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