Surtsey Island (Iceland)

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63.30391 N, -20.60210 W

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Surtsey (In Icelandic "Surtr's island") is a volcanic island situated in Vestmannaeyjar archipelago off Iceland's southern coast. Surtsey Island is Iceland's southernmost point. It was formed after a volcanic eruption which started 130 metres (426 feet) below sea level, and reached surface on November 14, 1963 and lasted until June 5, 1967 when the isle reached the maximum size of 2.7 (1.0 sq.miles). Wave erosion has caused the isle to steadily diminish in size since then. Island's maximum elevation is 155 m (509 feet) above sea level.

Surtsey was named after Surtr, fire jötunn (giant) from Norse mythology. Surtsey Island was intensively studied during its eruption, and afterwards by biologists as life forms colonised the originally barren isle. The eruption which created Surtsey, created a few other isles along this volcanic chain. Most of them eroded fairly quickly.

Surtsey Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Surtsey Island dock (anchor) at Vestmannaeyjar - port town on the northern coast of Heimaey Island, Iceland.

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