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Scenic Eclipse current location is at North Sea (coordinates 60.16102 N / -1.15415 W) cruising en route to Lerwick. The AIS position was reported 9 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse current cruise is 9 days, one-way from Tromso to Reykjavik. Prices start from USD 26800 (double occupancy rates). The itinerary starts on 25 Jun, 2024 and ends on 04 Jul, 2024.

Date / TimePort
25 Jun    Departing from Tromso, Norway hotels
26 Jun    Nordkapp-North Cape, Mageroya Island Norway
26 Jun    Skarsvag, Mageroya Island Norway
27 Jun - 28 Jun    Harstad, Hinnoya Island Lofoten Norway
30 Jun    Seydisfjordur, Iceland
01 Jul    Grimsey Island, Iceland, Arctic Circle
01 Jul - 02 Jul    Husavik, Iceland
03 Jul    fjord cruising
04 Jul    Arriving in Reykjavik, Iceland hotels

Specifications of Scenic Eclipse

Year of build2019  /  Age: 5
Flag state Bahamas
BuilderUljanik Shipyard (Pula, Croatia)
Classice-strengthened expedition mega-yacht
Building costEUR 190 million (USD 230 million)
Speed17 kn / 31 km/h / 20 mph
Length (LOA)168 m / 551 ft
Beam (width)22 m / 72 ft
Gross Tonnage17085 gt
Decks with cabins5
Last Refurbishment2021
Sister-shipsScenic Eclipse 2
Christened byHelen Mirren
OwnerScenic Group (Australia)
OperatorScenic Yacht Cruises

Scenic Eclipse Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2024 May 18 20 days, one-way from Valletta to Dublin Valletta $68580
2024 May 28 10 days, one-way from Lisbon to Dublin Lisbon $27290
2024 Jun 25 9 days, one-way from Tromso to Reykjavik Tromso $26800
2024 Jun 25 17 days, round-trip 17 Night Arctic Circle and Northern Europe Discovery Norway and Iceland Cruise Tromso $47690
2024 Jul 04 8 days, one-way from Reykjavik to Tromso Reykjavik $21980
2024 Aug 14 16 days, round-trip 16 Night Eastern Greenland Expedition and the Land of Fire and Ice A Cruise and Land Journey Cruise and Land Tour Reykjavik $18795
2024 Oct 12 12 days, one-way from New York to Nassau New York $23390
2024 Oct 24 12 days, one-way from Nassau to Bridgetown Nassau $23390
2024 Nov 05 11 days, one-way from Bridgetown to Rio de Janeiro Bridgetown $15690
2024 Nov 16 11 days, one-way from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires Rio de Janeiro $21390
2024 Nov 27 21 days, round-trip 21 Night Antarctica South Georgia and Falkland Islands Cruise Buenos Aires $63090
2024 Dec 18 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $37790
2024 Dec 18 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth A Magical Christmas Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $36090
2024 Dec 29 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $37790
2024 Dec 29 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth New Year Wishes Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $36090
2024 Dec 29 19 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires $43235
2025 Jan 09 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $40290
2025 Jan 09 19 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires $45735
2025 Jan 12 5 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires
2025 Jan 20 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Beyond the Antarctic Circle Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $40290
2025 Jan 23 5 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires
2025 Jan 31 18 days, round-trip 19 Night Antarctica South Georgia and Falkland Islands Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $62390
2025 Feb 18 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Beyond the Antarctic Circle Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $40290
2025 Mar 01 21 days, round-trip 22 Night Antarctica South Georgia and Falkland Islands Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $63395
2025 Mar 01 29 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires $68840
2025 Mar 04 5 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires
2025 Mar 22 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires $23690
2025 Mar 25 5 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires $5445
2025 Apr 03 19 days, one-way from Rio de Janeiro to Malaga Rio de Janeiro $21990
2025 Apr 22 7 days, one-way from Malaga to Barcelona Malaga $16590
2025 Apr 29 7 days, one-way from Barcelona to Monte Carlo Barcelona $16590
2025 May 06 7 days, one-way from Monte Carlo to Civitavecchia-Rome Monte Carlo $16590
2025 May 13 7 days, one-way from Rome City to Villefranche-sur-Mer Rome City $16590
2025 May 20 7 days, round-trip 7 Night French and Italian Rivieras plus Monaco Grand Prix Option Cruise Villefranche-sur-Mer $17490
2025 May 27 7 days, one-way from Villefranche-sur-Mer to Barcelona Villefranche-sur-Mer $18390
2025 Jun 03 9 days, one-way from Barcelona to Lisbon Barcelona $23590
2025 Jun 12 11 days, one-way from Lisbon to Dublin Lisbon $22890
2025 Jun 23 12 days, one-way from Dublin to Reykjavik Dublin $32890
2025 Jul 05 10 days, round-trip 10 Night Circumnavigating Iceland and Crossing the Arctic Circle Cruise Reykjavik $25890
2025 Jul 15 10 days, round-trip 10 Night Circumnavigating Iceland and Crossing the Arctic Circle Cruise Reykjavik $25890
2025 Jul 25 10 days, one-way from Reykjavik to Bergen Reykjavik $27190
2025 Aug 04 14 days, one-way from Bergen to Oslo Bergen $36890
2025 Aug 18 10 days, round-trip 12 Night Glaciers and Wildlife of Svalbard Cruise and Land Tour Oslo $28890
2025 Aug 28 14 days, one-way from Oslo to Bergen Oslo $36890
2025 Sep 11 13 days, one-way from Bergen to Lisbon Bergen $23890
2025 Sep 24 17 days, one-way from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro Lisbon $29490
2025 Oct 11 11 days, one-way from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires Rio de Janeiro $20290
2025 Oct 22 21 days, round-trip 21 Night Antarctica South Georgia and Falkland Islands Cruise Buenos Aires $55990
2025 Nov 12 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $35990
2025 Nov 23 18 days, round-trip 19 Night Antarctica South Georgia and Falkland Islands Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $53290
2025 Dec 11 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $35990
2025 Dec 22 14 days, round-trip 15 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $42490
2026 Jan 05 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $37990
2026 Jan 16 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $37990
2026 Jan 27 18 days, round-trip 19 Night Antarctica South Georgia and Falkland Islands Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $53290
2026 Feb 14 11 days, round-trip 12 Night Antarctica in Depth Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $37990
2026 Feb 25 21 days, round-trip 22 Night Antarctica South Georgia and Falkland Islands Cruise and Land Tour Buenos Aires $55990

Scenic Eclipse Review

Review of Scenic Eclipse

The 2019-built Scenic Eclipse cruise ship is a top-luxury boat with max passenger capacity 228 (plus 192 staff-crew) that looks more like a tycoon-owned superyacht than a passenger vessel. Its design features an ice-strengthened hull, top-deck helipad (with two on-deck stored helicopters / in hangars), 12x Zodiacs (high-speed, large-capacity RIBs / rigid inflatable boats), 1x mini-sub (7-person submarine), 1x ROV (camera-equipped Remotely Operated Vehicle). The aft-located Marina Platform is used for launching water sports equipment (aqua quad-bikes, seakayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling and scuba diving activities).

The vessel (IMO number 9797371) is currently Bahamas-flagged (MMSI 311000995) and registered in Nassau.

Scenic Eclipse cruise ship

With the yacht Scenic Eclipse, the river cruisetour company Scenic Tours (travel brand) entered the ocean cruising market. The ship was initially scheduled for delivery in August 2018, but due to construction issues was first rescheduled for January, then for April 2019. In February 2018, the shipowner Scenic Group (aka Scenic Tours Australia) signed a shipbuilding contract for the second (same-design) vessel - Scenic Eclipse II. The sistership was scheduled for delivery in 2020 but was eventually postponed to 2023 April.

Scenic's new market strategy followed the moves of Viking River Cruises (entering the ocean cruising market in 2015 with Viking Star) and Crystal Cruises (entering the mega-yachting market in 2015 with Crystal Esprit/now Nat Geo Islander 2). Besides Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours, the shipowner Scenic Group also owns the subsidiary and travel brand Emerald Cruises.

Scenic Eclipse cruise ship

Scenic's new ships are advertised as "discovery yachts". The hull has the highest passenger ship ice-class (1A-Super) allowing the vessel to operate on polar cruises (Arctic and Antarctica itineraries) for 3 months a year. On polar voyages, the ship's passenger capacity is limited to 200 in order to allow several Zodiac landings per day.

Scenic Cruises yacht submarine

The ship's two helicopters Airbus H130 (single-engine aircraft, each with capacity 7 passengers) can be booked/hired at extra charge. Helicopter tours allow passengers to get closer to the wildlife in comparison to the Zodiac landings. Also at an additional charge can be booked the ship's onboard submarine. The 7-person submarine (1 pilot plus 6 guests) is named "Scenic Neptune" and is capable to submerge up to 1000 ft (305 m).

The ship has "zero speed stabilizer fins" (50% larger than the standard on similar-sized vessels) allowing it to navigate in rough seas with just little movement. Voyages to Antarctica include passing Drake Passage - a notoriously rough waterway between South America and Antarctica.

Decks and Cabins

Scenic Eclipse staterooms (114 total) are all double-occupancy Suites in total 14 categories. Cabin sizes range between 345 ft2 / 32 m2 (Veranda Suite) to 2745 ft2 / 255 m2 (2-Bedroom Penthouse Suite, with included 645 ft2 / 60 m2 wraparound terrace). Owners Penthouse Suites are sized 1990 ft2 / 185 m2 (balcony included). Each cabin has a private step-out balcony. The vessel has an almost 1:1 passenger-to-crew ratio and each stateroom are served by a dedicated butler.

The boat has 10 decks, of which 8 are passenger-accessible and 5 with cabins.

Four Lifts (midship-located Elevators) interconnect all cabin decks.

Shipboard facilities

Other features and all-inclusive amenities include:

  • 9 restaurants (including Asian Fusion, steakhouse, seafood, contemporary French and Italian venues, poolside grill, 24/7 room service
  • 5x bars and lounges
  • Medical Centre / Infirmary
  • Discovery Centre
  • 240-seat theatre
  • 2 (indoor and outdoor) swimming pools
  • heated swimming pool (indoor, with retractable glass roof)
  • 5900 ft2 (550 m2) spa/wellness complex with heated indoor pool, outdoor Jacuzzis, two Vitality Pools / plunge pools, Hair Salon, Spa treatment/massage rooms
  • Gym (with a separate Aerobics Studio for yoga and Pilates)
  • Sun Terrace (on Deck 11) is an Outdoor Sundeck with Cabanas and seating (midship-topdeck-located), while aft is the Helipad. Below (aft on Deck 10) are the two Helicopter Hangars.

Scenic yacht cruise deals are inclusive of butler service (regardless cabin category), flights, all tips/gratuities, Discovery Team leaders (20+ professional tour guides on all cruise itineraries, including naturalists, glaciologists, geologists, marine biologists), shore excursions (all land tours and organized events at ports of call and beaches along the itinerary route, expert-led Scenic Free choice activities, discovery excursions by Zodiacs / large-capacity inflatable boats), onboard dining (all dining venues are complimentary / fee-free), onboard entertainment, e-biking, water sports (sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving), premium beverages (at bars and cabin mini-bars).


Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

Scenic Eclipse cruise ship offers all 9 dining venues plus 24-hour room service. The ship also has an impressive number of bars and lounges - 8, which is an extraordinary variety considering the yacht's size. All these options are complimentary (cruise price inclusive).

Scenic Cruises yacht design

Specialty dining venues highlight regional cuisine, intimate deck location and dinner privacy at no additional cost. These venues range from the open-kitchen Teppanyaki grill dining (capacity 10 people), Azure Bar & Grill, and Lumiere (French Fine Dining Restaurant) to the Chef's Table (private VIP dining for 8 people). Professional cookery demonstrations are offered at the dedicated Epicure (cooking emporium).

The main dining room restaurant "Elements" offers Italian fare, seafood, and steaks. The other restaurants are named Koko's (Asian, with sake bar), Sushi at Koko's (authentic Japanese), Lumiere (French, with Champagne Bar). The Yacht Club has its own a Bar (beverages), buffet and poolside Grill. Azure Bar & Cafe offers all-day relaxed grazing.

  • During refurbishment 2021, the Yacht Club was redesigned and reimagined as a casual dining venue. The area was extended to include a multi-purpose "food island". House-made gelato (premium ice cream) is offered from a new gelato cooler. Large sofas replaced the old tables and armchairs and new wicker swinging egg chairs were added.
  • Night Market At Koko's offers street food and traditional Asian dishes (Middle East, India, Southeast Asia).
  • Sushi At Koko's offers authentic Japanese cuisine and was expanded to include window seating.

Bars and lounges include Lobby Lounge, Champagne Bar, Whisky Bar, Azure Bar & Cafe. Fine wine, top-shelf beverages, cocktails, specialty teas and coffees are all included in Scenic Cruises' ticket prices.

Fun fact is that the ship has a selection of 110 whisky brands available for ordering at the Whisky Bar. The themed venue is complimentary and part of the main lounge. All the 110 whisky bottles are stored in a floor-ceiling display cabinet with a crystal wall. The selection includes premium single malts (30-yo Isle of Jura The Loch, 25-yo Glendullan, 16-yo Lagavulin), special reserve blends (Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Jameson Black Barrel, Crown Royal Deluxe), various brands from Australia, Asia (Japan, Taiwan, India), South Africa, USA, Europe (UK, France, Sweden). To repeat again - all these top-shelf whiskies are complimentary (cruise ticket price-inclusive).


Scenic Eclipse's "Inaugural Cruise" (maiden voyage) was scheduled for August 31, 2018 (one-way Mediterranean itinerary from Istanbul to Venice). Followed Transatlantic repositioning to Canada (via Iceland) and the Canadian Arctic territories. The ship cruises back to Europe (UK / British Isles). Follows another Atlantic Ocean crossing to the Caribbean (also visiting Cuba), then down to South America (Chilean Fjords) and Antarctica. However, due to construction issues, the launch was delayed and the Inaugural Cruise was re-scheduled for September 22 (repositioning from Europe to Florida).

In September 2018, Scenic released 2019-2020 brochures with 3 versions available (covering Antarctica, Arctic/Baltic, Mediterranean, Americas) all-encompassing both voyages and cruisetour combinations.

  • A number of early booking incentives were also announced. Early-bird prices offered up to 10% savings on all voyages; paying in full by October 31 (2018) on any departure, saving USD 300-750 per person. Passengers booking cruise-and-land tour packages received early-bird fares (regardless of booking time) and a free 20-min submarine or helicopter tour (or equivalent onboard credit).
  • On select itineraries, the company offered USD 500 per person onboard credit; complimentary deposit protection, free door-to-door airport transfers. Limited sailings offered 50% off the single supplement.
  • All Scenic Cruises special offers were on voyages through August 2020 and also combinable with past vouchers and offers.

In April 2021, Scenic announced the Eclipse ship's 2022-2023 Arctic program featuring four new for the company destinations - Northeast Passage, Russian Far East, Japan, Alaska.

  • The 26-night/27day "Northeast Passage" itinerary's highlights were cruising Arctic Russia (Arctic Ocean islands and Siberia coastal navigation), Transpacific crossing (Alaska to Chukotka Peninsula), Kamchatka Peninsula, Kuril Islands, Japan, South Korea, Norway's Svalbard Archipelago and Norwegian Fjords, Greenland, Iceland.
  • Scenic's "Northeast Passage Cruise 2023" (booking code D31V) was scheduled to depart on August 5 (from Anchorage Alaska) and end on August 31 (in Tromso Norway). Prices started from GBP 22970 (USD 31725 / EUR 26740) per person with double occupancy.
  • Call ports included Anchorage AK, Provideniya/Chukotka (day 4), Cape Dezhnev and Uelen Lagoon (day 5), Wrangel Island (day 7), Northeast Passage (days 8 thru 17), Novaya Zemlya (day 18), Franz Josef Land (days 19-20-21), Murmansk (day 24), Vardo Norway (day 25), Skarsvag-Mageroya and Nordkapp (day 26), Tromso (day 27).
  • B2B itineraries included 32-day "Northeast Passage and Alaska" (Anchorage to Tromso, prices from GBP 29280 pp), 34-day "Northeast Passage and Scandinavia" (Anchorage to Copenhagen Denmark, prices from GBP 27590 pp) and 40-day "Ultimate Russian Arctic" (Vladivostok to Tromso, prices from GBP 31390 pp).

Prices were inclusive of tours and flights from/to the UK.

A 12-day voyage to Arctic Norway/Svalbard is priced from ~EUR 13300 pp (~USD 15700 / ~GBP 11360).

Schedule 2022-2023 departure dates

Next are listed the ship's departure dates and homeports by destination/region which were announced in 2021.

Antarctica-South Georgia-Falkland Islands

  • (2022/Nov 10, Dec 9; 2023/Jan 3, Jan 14, Jan 25, Feb 5, Nov 21, Dec 2, Dec 27) 13-day "Antarctic in Depth" itinerary roundtrip Ushuaia
  • (2022/Nov 21; 2023/Feb 16) 20-day "Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands" roundtrip Ushuaia
  • (2022/Dec 20; 2023/Dec3, Dec 13) 16-day "Beyond the Antarctic Circle" roundtrip Ushuaia

Northwest Passage-Arctic Russia-Siberia

  • (2022/Jul 22; 2023/Jul 11) 15-day "Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland" itinerary from Spitsbergen/Longyearbyen to Reykjavik
  • (2022/Aug 5; 2023/Aug 2) 12-day "Exploring the High Arctic" from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq
  • (2022/Aug 16; 2023/Aug 13) 21-day "Unlocking the Northwest Passage" from Kangerlussuaq to Nome Alaska
  • "Jewels of the Russian Far East" (May 27, 2023/14-day) from Nome to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, (Jul 25, 2023/13-day) from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Nome
  • 13-day "Fire & Ocean: Russia's Kamchatka & The Kurils" (Jun 9, 2023) from Petropavlosk to Otaru, (Jul 13, 2023) from Otaru to Petropavlosk
  • (2023/Aug 6) 26-day "Cross the Legendary Northeast Passage" from Nome AK to Tromso

Arctic Europe-Baltic-Mediterranean

  • (2022/Apr 27; 2023/Apr 13, May 29, Sep 21, Oct 1) 11-day "Incredible Iberian Discovery" itinerary between Barcelona and Lisbon
  • (2022/May 7; 2023/Apr 23, May 21) 9-day "Riviera Delights" between Barcelona and Civitavecchia-Rome
  • (2022/May 15) 9-day "Iconic Treasures of Italy & Greece" from Civitavecchia to Piraeus-Athens
  • (2022/May 23) 9-day "Aegean Discovery" roundtrip Piraeus
  • (2022/May 31) 9-day "Mediterranean Odyssey: Greece to Malta" from Piraeus to Valetta
  • (2022/Jun 8) 11-day "Authentic Andalucia" from Valetta to Lisbon
  • (2022/Jun 18; 2023/Jun 8) 12-day "Western Europe Discovery" from Lisbon to Bergen
  • (2022/Jun 30; 2023/Jun 19) 14-day "Across the Arctic Circle" from Bergen to Longyearbyen/Spitsbergen
  • (2022/Jul 12; 2023/Jul 1) 12-day "Arctic in Depth" roundtrip Longyearbyen
  • (2022/Sep 11) 11-day "Culture & Coastlines: A Classic European Explorer" from Copenhagen to Lisbon
  • (2023/Jul 25) 9-day "Iceland in Depth" roundtrip Reykjavik
  • (2023/Aug 31) 12-day "Majestic Norwegian Fjords" from Tromso to Copenhagen
  • 11-day "Sorrentine Peninsula & Adriatic" from Civitavecchia to Venice (2023/May 1) and from Venice to Civitavecchia (2023/May 11)

Alaska-North and South America (2023)

  • Alaska "Adventures through the Inside Passage" itinerary from Nome to Vancouver (15-day in 2022/Sep 5, and 16-day in 2023/Sep 3) and from Vancouver to Nome (2023/May 12)
  • 10-day "Iconic West Coast Experience" from Vancouver to San Diego (19 Sep 2022/Sep 19; 2023/Sep 18) and frm San Diego to Vancouver (May 3)
  • (2022/Sep 18) 14-day "Baja and Costa Rica Discovery" from San Diego to Puerto Caldera-Puntarenas
  • (2022/Oct 11) 12-day "Andean Coastal Exploration" from Puerto Caldera to Callao-Lima
  • 9-day "Latin America Delights" from Callao to Valparaiso (22 Oct 2022/Oct 22, and 2023/Nov 3) and from Valparaiso to Callao (Mar 19)
  • 13-day "Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn" from Valparaiso to Ushuaia (30 Oct 2022, and 2023/Nov 11) and from Ushuaia to Valparaiso (Mar 7)
  • (Mar 27) 9-day "Peru to Panama: Along the Andean Coast" from Callao to Panama City/Fuerte Amador (Mar 27) and from Panama City to Callao (Oct 26)
  • (Apr 4) 13-day "Central American Discovery" from Panama City to Loreto (Apr 4) and from Loreto to Panama City (Oct 14)
  • (Apr 16) 9-day "Sea of Cortez in Depth" roundtrip Loreto
  • 10-day "Majestic Coastlines of Baja California" from Loreto to San Diego (Apr 24) and from San Diego to Loreto (Sep 27)
  • (Oct 6) 9-day "Into the Wild Sea of Cortez' roundtrip Loreto
  • (Oct 27) 9-day "Uruguay & Brazil Uncovered" from Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo

Asia-Japan (2023)

Scenic Eclipse's Japan 2023 program was expanded to 5x voyages, on each of which were scheduled lectures and land tour activities led by a Discovery Team (max 15x members/scientists, historians, archaeologists, ornithologists) and themed on the Japanese history, traditions, culture, culinary, wildlife, etc. Next are listed the new itineraries.

  • (Jun 5) 5-day "Cultural Wonders of Japan" (roundtrip from Otaru/Sapporo)
  • (Jun 11) 12-day "Iconic Japan: Sacred Cultures and Nature" from Seoul/Busan (South Korea) to Otaru/Sapporo, prices started from GBP 10460 pp.
  • (Jun 13) 18-day "Japan and the Aleutian Islands" from Otaru/Sapporo to Nome (Alaska)
  • (Jun 19) 15-day "Japan: A Journey Through Time" from Otaru/Sapporo to Kobe/Osaka, prices started from GBP 12430 pp
  • (Jun 30) 15-day "Natural Wonders of Japan" from Kobe/Osaka to Otaru/Sapporo visiting Russia's Korsakov and Rishiri Island (Kurils) - prices started from GBP 11600 pp


  • 17-day "Grand Voyage of Discovery" itinerary from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon (2022/Mar 28) and from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro (2023/Oct 11)

With season 2023-2024 season were introduced Antarctic fly-cruises between Punta Arenas and King George Island (South Shetlands).

  • The 9- and 10-day itineraries skip the ~2-day crossing thru Drake Passage via a 2-hour charter flight.
  • The 9-day fly-cruise (Punta Arenas to King George Island) was priced from USD 17417 pp with double occupancy.
  • The reverse 10-day fly-cruise (King George Island to Punta Arenas) was priced from USD 17617 pp.
  • Each itinerary included an overnight in Punta Arenas.

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    Scenic Eclipse Wiki

    The Malta-flagged luxury superyacht Scenic Eclipse (IMO number 9797371, MMSI 248526000) was built with the latest technological advancements in order to ensure the highest safety standards. It has custom-built stabilizers (50% bigger than other vessels) and an ice-strengthened hull. The vessel's state-of-the-art fins (propulsion units) are able to adjust themselves, enabling the ship to handle the strongest water currents and to remain stable.

    Unlike other ships that use traditional anchors, the cruise ship is fitted with a dynamic positioning system. It uses GPS data to accurately maintain its position, which is an eco-friendly way to control the vessel. Other environmentally sustainable systems are advanced / more efficient marine engines and water treatment system.


    On November 22, 2016, started vessel's construction with the steel-cutting ceremony held at Uljanik Shipyard JSC (Pula Croatia), Ship's integrated navigation and automation system was provided by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Maritime. This modern technology combines the following systems - Navigation, Dynamic Positioning, Automation, Emergency Shutdown, Power Management, Safety Management, and Control. The system is integrated with online diagnostics and remote service facilities.

    On April 28, 2017, at Uljanik Shipyard was held vessel's keel-laying / coin ceremony. The special event was attended by Glen Moroney (Scenic Tours' founder and chairman). He placed an Australian coin beneath the ship's keel - a right of passage for every newbuild, to bring good fortune to its passengers and crew.

    On January 31, 2018, was the ship's launch (float-out ceremony) at Uljanik Shipyard. The delivery was scheduled for August 31, 2018, but due to the shipyard's financial issues was rescheduled for April 13, 2019. Sea trials were successfully completed on June 13, 2019.


    Both Scenic Cruises yachts are built in Croatia - Eclipse 1 in Pula (Uljanik shipyard), Eclipse 2 in Rijeka (3 Maj Shipyard), The following YouTube video is a timelapse of the Scenic yachts construction process.


    The ship's Captain is James Griffiths - British, former Captain of the superyacht Wind Star (Windstar) and National Geographic Explorer (NatGeo-Lindblad Expeditions). He has also served on 10 other ships (as Captain on 4 of them) and also worked for Cunard Line for 11 years - as Chief Officer of RMS Queen Mary 2.

    In late-July 2019 was announced that the ship's godmother will be Helen Mirren (Dame Helen Lydia Mirren) - 1945-born English actress who won British Academy Film Award for Best Actress (1984, 1985, 2006, 2012), British Academy TV Award for Best Actress (1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 2003), Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress (1983, 2001, 2004, 2013) and Tony Award for Best Actress (1995, 2002, 2005), among others.

    Vessel's official christening ceremony was held on September 10, 2019, in Port NYC (New York USA).


    Since August 19, 2020, the vessel's crew managing company is Viking Crew (part of the Dover UK-based Viking Maritime Group Ltd). Viking Crew is responsible for the Scenic Eclipse 1 yacht's crew recruitment, management, deployment and placement, including the officers and staff-crew from the onboard Engine, Hotel and Deck departments. Viking Crew was also contracted for the crew management of the superyachts Scenic Eclipse 2 (2022) and Emerald Azzurra (2021).

    Solar Eclipse Cruise 2021

    For December 2021, Scenic planned a unique itinerary for the luxurious yacht Eclipse providing customers with the opportunity to view the total solar eclipse in Antarctica's archipelago South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands on December 4, 2021. The one-in-a-life-time total solar eclipse is only able to be viewed within a 50-mile land radius during an eclipse event.

    The 20-day "Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands with Solar Eclipse" itinerary (November 21 through December 10, 2021, Argentina roundtrip from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia) had planned numerous onboard events and enrichment activities led by the ship's Discovery Team of 14 experts plus two former NASA scientists (the Arizona State University's astrologers Karen Knierman and Patrick Young) and Rachel Frances Gordon (astrological consultant and speaker).

    Scenic Eclipse's Super Earlybird bookings received up to 20% discounts. Prices started from ~USD 1000 per day per passenger (with double occupancy). Follows the itinerary's schedule by day.

    • Day 1 (Buenos Aires hotel overnight)
    • Day 2 (domestic flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia) boarding the cruise ship on November 23
    • Day 3 (at sea)
    • Days 4-5 (Falkland Islands)
    • Day 6 (at sea)
    • Days 7-8-9-10-11 (South Georgia Island)
    • Day 12 (at sea)
    • Days 13-14-15-16-17 (Antarctic Peninsula)
    • Days 18-19 (at sea)
    • Day 20 (Ushuaia) debarkation, domestic flight to Buenos Aires

    As optional was offered a 6-night/7-day "Land Tour" package extension (Dec 10 through 17)

    • Day 20 (flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires, hotel overnight)
    • Day 21 (flight from Buenos Aires to Foz do Iguazu/Cataratas Airport, Brazil) to access Iguazu Falls
    • Days 22-23-24 (Iguazu Falls), optional helicopter tour
    • Day 24 (flight from Iguazu to Rio de Janeiro)
    • Days 25-26 (Rio de Janeiro)
    • Day 27 (transfer from the hotel to Rio de Janeiro Airport)

    Antarctica 2020-2022 Itineraries

    In December 2019, Scenic Cruises announced Eclipse ship's inaugural cruise to Antarctica by launching the program "Antarctica and The Americas 2020-2022" and introducing new escorted land tours (each with max capacity 20 tourists).

    Next are listed program's Antarctica itineraries, with prices per person (Verandah Suite double-occupancy cabin rates).

    • 8-day (March 5, 2020, themed "Taste of Argentina and Brazil") with fares from GBP 14,930 pp
    • 9-day (November 8, 2020, themed "Patagonian Adventure") with fares from GBP 16,565 pp
    • 7-day (October 4, 2020, themed "Costa Rica Nature and Wildlife") with fares from GBP 9,905 pp
    • 11-day (October 9, 2020, themed "Highlights of Peru") with fares from GBP 10,905 pp
    • 18-22-day (January 30, 2021, themed "Highlights of Peru with Galapagos and Amazon Cruising") with fares from GBP 23,245 pp
    • 16-day (February 15, 2022, Antarctica) with fares from GBP 10,780 pp
    • 11-day (February 18, 2022, themed "Highlights of Peru") with fares from GBP 14,640 pp

    Early bookings received as complimentary upgrades and bonuses:

    • Free Fight (business-class) - select itineraries
    • Free Door-to-Door car transfers (all itineraries)
    • 10% Earlybird Discount
    • GBP 500 Early Payment Discount (bookings payed in full by December 31, 2019).

    Inaugural itineraries 2018-2019

    The following tables show ship's inaugural cruise itineraries by destination, with indicative prices per person (lowest category cabin rates in USD). Unfortunately, megayacht's planned delivery dates (August 2018, January 2019, April 2019) were re-scheduled (the last time - for August 15, 2019). All bookings received full refunds. Rebooked deals received 25% future booking discount (based on rebooked cruise cost).

    (2018) 13-day Inaugural Transatlantic cruise from Barcelona to Miami (prices from USD 7340 pp)

    Date / TimePort
    22 SepDeparting from Barcelona, Spain
    24 SepGibraltar UK
    25 Sep - 03 OctTransatlantic crossing
    04 OctNassau, Bahamas
    05 OctArriving in Miami, Florida

    (2018) 13-day Inaugural Caribbean cruise to Cuba roundtrip from Miami (prices from USD 11800 pp)

    Date / TimePort
    18 OctDeparting from Miami
    20 Oct - 21 OctHavana, Cuba (Overnight)
    22 OctMaria la Gorda, Cuba
    23 OctIsla de la Juventud, Cuba
    24 OctCayo Largo del Sur, Cuba
    25 OctCienfuegos, Cuba
    26 OctCasilda, Cuba
    28 OctSantiago de Cuba
    28 Oct 23:00 - 23:00Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, Cuba
    31 OctArriving in Miami

    (2018) 13-day Inaugural South American cruise from Valparaiso to Ushuaia (prices from USD 9800 pp)

    Date / TimePort
    22 NovDeparting from Valparaiso-Santiago, Chile
    24 Nov - 25 NovValdivia, Chile (Overnight)
    26-27-28 NovChilean Fjords, Patagonia
    29 NovPuerto Natales, Chile
    30 Nov - 01-02 DecAt Sea
    03 DecPort Stanley, East Falkland Island
    04 DecWest Point Island, Falklands
    06 DecArriving in Ushuaia, Argentina

    (2018) 20-day Inaugural Antarctica, cruise to South Georgia and Falkland Islands (prices from USD 24800 pp)

    Date / TimePort
    16 DecDeparting from Ushuaia
    19 Dec - 20 DecFalkland Islands (Overnight)
    21 Dec - 23 DecAt Sea
    24-25-26-27 DecSouth Georgia Island, British Antarctica
    28 Dec - 30 DecAt Sea
    31 Dec - 01-02-03 JanAntarctic Peninsula
    06 JanArriving in Ushuaia

    (2019) 14-day, Inaugural Mediterranean cruise from Istanbul to Venice (prices from USD 9850 pp)

    Date / TimePort
    26 AprDeparting from Istanbul, Turkey
    28 AprGallipoli Peninsula
    29 AprBozcaada Island, Turkey
    30 AprKusadasi-Ephesus, Turkey
    01 MayRhodes Island, Greece
    02 MayHeraklion, Crete Greece
    03 MaySantorini Island, Greece
    04 MayPiraeus-Athens, Greece
    05 MayPreveza, Greece
    06 MayKotor, Montenegro
    07 May - 08 MayDubrovnik, Croatia (Overnight)
    09 May - 10 MaySplit, Croatia (Overnight)
    11 MayArriving in Venice, Italy

    (2019) 10-day Inaugural British Isles cruise from Dublin to Bergen (prices from USD 6600 pp)

    Date / TimePort
    28 JunDeparting from Dublin, Ireland
    30 JunIsle of Man, Douglas, UK
    01 JulBelfast, Northern Ireland
    02 JulIsle of Iona, Scotland
    03 JulIsle of Mull, Tobermory, Scotland
    04 JulIsle of Canna, Scotland
    05 JulStornoway, Isle of Lewis and Harris, Scotland
    06 JulStromness, Orkney Island, Scotland
    07-08 JulLerwick, Shetland Island, Scotland
    09 JulArriving in Bergen, Norway

    Next table shows the inaugural cruise (maiden voyage) from Iceland to Canada, with prices from ~USD 8650 pp.

    2 days, one-way from Reykjavik to Quebec City Reykjavik$8635

    Date / TimePort
    15 AugDeparting from Reykjavik, Iceland
    16 AugSnaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland
    18 AugSkjoldungen Island, Greenland
    19 AugNanortalik, Greenland
    22 AugL'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland Canada
    23 AugBattle Harbour, Labrador Canada
    24 AugSt Lawrence Seaway
    25 AugHavre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec Canada
    26 AugTadoussac, Quebec Canada
    27 AugArriving in Quebec City, Canada