Scenic Eclipse is the first cruise ship to return at ports along West Coast Central & South America

   November 17, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Scenic Eclipse was greeted with fanfare upon her arrival at numerous Central and South American ports as she made her way down to Antarctica for the 2022-2023 expedition cruise season.

As the first ship to visit after 2+ years of inactivity due to the COVID crisis, port authorities, local officials, and residents offered warm welcomes to Scenic Eclipse and her guests.

Festivities highlighted the generous spirit of the people along the western coasts and the need for travel to return to strong growth.

Local dance troupes performed at the port in Manta (Ecuador) while dancers, including kids and teenagers, put on a show in Salaverry (Peru).

In Callao-Lima (Peru), the local Minister of Tourism, together with numerous officials, met with Scenic Eclipse Capt. Rado and his team, and brought along the local news station to highlight the visit and the National Police Marching Band to entertain the passengers.

Acajultla (El Salvador) offered one of the largest receptions with the Head of Ports, Minister of Tourism, and a local tour operator coming on board to meet with Scenic Eclipse Capt. Erwan and his staff. National and local media did interviews with Scenic Eclipse passengers while an array of singers and dancers entertained.

The small port at Playa Muerto, an Embera village in Panama's Darien Gap, made the extra effort due to high waves. 40 local villagers took to boats to tour the ship and greet the guests.

In Paracas (Peru), passengers enjoyed a warm welcome from a local band and dance performances, prior to heading out on a tour of Ballestas Islands, home to dolphins, sea lions, and numerous bird species.

Passengers arriving back to the yacht in Arica (Chile) following an in-depth exploration of the sites of the Atacama Desert, were greeted with a band and an exhibition of folk dancing. The 228-passenger yacht was equally welcoming as vacationers lined up on the ports and the balconies to take in the display of enthusiasm.

Scenic Eclipse cruise ship

Scenic’s newbuild Scenic Eclipse 2 (to be launched in April 2023) is expected to visit similar regions and ports in October & November 2023: from Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean to the Panama Canal, Peru, and the Chilean Fjords, prior to joining the Scenic Eclipse yacht for the 2023-2024 Antarctica season - the first year that both ultra-luxury ships will be based there.