Mein Schiff 4 accidents and incidents

Mein Schiff 4 cruise ship

Former names
Meyer Werft TUI hull 1384

Length (LOA)
293 m / 961 ft

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  • fire - 2020 (explosion)

14 March 2020Fire Accident

On March 14, 2020, was initially reported an explosion in the engine room. Via the ship's PA (Public Address) system was announced "only smoke and no fire", that the problem is "under control" and the onboard safety is not compromised. The PA announcement also mentioned a discharge in the funnel (ship's chimney) which triggered the explosion. All the crew on Deck 1 was evacuated. The first reports were about two explosions - on deck 12 (Aqua) and deck 14 (Horizont).

The report also said that there was a total "blackout simulation" on board, allegedly due to an ongoing "ship inspection" (not related to the incident), during which all engines were shut down and switched to backup generated power supply.

At the time, Schiff 4 was at sea (Mediterranean), navigating close from Port Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Spain), where were planned passenger debarkation and home flights. TUI Cruises confirmed that there has been a "technical incident" and that the situation is under control, with all the standard procedures in such cases being initiated. In the afternoon, the ship's 4 hot water boilers reportedly detonated, resulting in two loud bangs and smoke. The automatic fire protection system activated, the affected areas were evacuated. Soon was announced that the cause has been found and onboard operations are back to normal.

The accident date (March 14) coincided with TUI's official cancellation of global passenger shipping operations (fleetwide) due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The decision was officially announced at 11:30 pm (March 14).

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