Amera deck 12 plan (Panorama)

Deck layout and review

Review of Amera deck 12 (Panorama)

The fore-located Panorama-Lounge is an indoor lounge with floor-ceiling windows, its own full-service bar, large dance floor. The observation lounge is also used for pre-scheduled events by cruise company's enrichment program, including daily dance classes, trivia games, cards playing, karaoke sessions, live music (band performances, grand piano performances / in the afternoons and evenings). At night, Panorama Lounge transforms into a disco/dance club with live DJ music and dance contests. The venue's programming additionally features a multimedia series of interactive videos and guides related to the visited ports and destinations part of the ship's cruise itinerary program. Digital media (videos, ebooks, maps) is also offered and accessed via Wi-Fi (during the current cruise) and also online (before and after the voyage). At the lounge, there are also paperback books and paper maps for all the visited cruise destinations and ports of call.

Power Walking/Jogging Track (4 laps = 1 ml)

Panorama Deck cruise cabins from 1200 to 1209, all of which are Suites in categories V3-Panorama and W2-Royal.