American Splendor deck 2 plan

Deck layout and review

Review of American Splendor deck 2

Magnolia Lounge is the largest on the boat, with large windows on 3 sides, Victorian-style furniture, comfortable seating, massive-wood bar, open-air terrace. This is a great place to mingle with friends during cocktail hour or to listen to live evening music performances. Magnolia Lounge hosts various daily activities (including lectures and media presentations), evening cocktail hours, and small-scale shows (mid-room furniture gets rearranged to form a small stage in the center). The evening entertainment program features magician acts and live band music.

Natchez Lounge (starboard) is a past-guest club room serving the line’s “Eagle Society” loyalty program. Among the club activities are member discussions and trivia. The lounge has its own outdoor deck space.

The vestibule is the Atrium area (lower level 2 of 4), where is also located the Riverboatique Shop that sells American Cruise Lines logo merchandise, some special occasion gifts, and souvenirs, also handling DVDs for in-cabin use.

Paddlewheel Lounge overlooks the boat’s red-painted and 3-story high stern paddle wheel. The lounge’s experience is marked by classy dark wood paneling, Tiffany-esque light fixtures, panoramic windows, comfortable seating (leather furniture, plush couches, armchairs), binoculars (available for guests), live piano music in the evenings. Paddlewheel Lounge has a self-service bar area with complimentary drinks and snacks offered throughout the day.

The America ship’s Cruise Director Office is located starboard, adjacent to the Natchez Lounge. It serves the company’s “next cruise” booking program and also provides information on scheduled daily activities, tours, and excursions ashore.

Cruise cabins from 202 to 222, all of which Balcony rooms (categories 15x AAL – #206 is wheel-chair accessible, and 4x SB-Singles).