MS Zosima Shashkov deck 5 plan (Sun-Bridge)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Zosima Shashkov deck 5 (Sun-Bridge)

The fore-located Navigation Bridge (called "Wheelhouse" on riverboats) is passenger-accessible only during the organized "Bridge Tour". The adjacent Captain's Suite and officers' quarters are inaccessible to passengers.

Adjacent to the Wheelhouse (officer cabins) is the Bar Lounge serving the Conference Hall.

Conference Hall doubles as Cinema / Meeting Room / Dance Hall and is served by its own Bar. The lounge also serves the cruise company's enrichment program. Here are hosted lectures and media presentations themed on Russia's history and culture. Port talks (by professional tour guides) provide information on visited regions, river ports, nearby towns, shore excursions, and tours. Here are also held traditional tea ceremonies, Russian language lessons, dancing and singing classes, vodka tastings, nesting doll (matryoshka) painting classes.

The aft-located Sun Deck (Solarium) is with outdoor seating (equipped with loungers, deckchairs, and 4-seat tables).

Also aft is the ship's funnel (smokestack).

Adjacent to the Conference Hall is a small outdoor Gym (covered fitness area with exercise machines).