MV Clio deck 2 plan (Marina - La Fayette)

Deck layout and review

Review of MV Clio deck 2 (Marina - La Fayette)

Marina Deck 2 layout starts with staff and crew cabins (forward-midship location), with a crew lounge & dining venue.

With mid-ship location is the L’Etoile Restaurant. This is the ship’s main dining room, which is open for dinner only (between 7-9:30 pm). Reservations are not required, and the 4-course menu features French cuisine specialties. A special menu (healthy, vegetarian, dietetic dishes) is also available upon request.

The Watersports Marina activities (windsurfing, sea kayaking) are complimentary but available only in select ports of call along Tere Moana itineraries. The other option is the destination beaches. The Marina platform is retractable and can be used only when the ship is anchored and the sea is calm. Water sports directly from the marina are not available.