National Geographic Venture deck 4 plan (Observation-Bridge-Sun)

Deck layout and review

Review of National Geographic Venture deck 4 (Observation-Bridge-Sun)

  • The fore-located Navigation Bridge has open-bridge policy. This means all passengers are allowed to visit the room, see its equipment (technology, maps, charts) and ask the watch officer questions. Occasionally, there are times when the bridge access is restricted to ship crew only. The cruise ship's Navigation Bridge is specially designed with forward-facing standing zones and seating around the equipment, thus allowing passsengers to watch everything in real time.
  • Adjacent to the navigation Bridge is the Captain's Suite (Officers' Quarters).
  • Sun Deck is an open-air outdoor area specially-designed for passenger gathering (wildlife viewing, evening cocktails, al fresco dining / if the weather permits). After the morning stretch class, the sun deck is set with small tables with chairs and lounge chairs.
  • Cruise cabins from 101 to 108, all of which are Suites (category 5 staterooms).