Silver Endeavour deck 3 plan (Marina-Tendering-Mudrooms)

Deck layout and review

Review of Silver Endeavour deck 3 (Marina-Tendering-Mudrooms)

The ship has two Mudrooms (A-portside, and B-starboard) which are utilized for passenger embarkation and disembarkation on/from the Zodiacs (large inflatable boats / expedition landing craft). The rooms are fitted with self-service electronic lockers providing gear storage (jackets, boots, gloves, snorkeling equipment). In warm weather destinations, the cruise ship provides complimentary snorkeling gear (wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins) for passenger use on shoreside expeditions.

Expedition Landing Craft fleet consists of 18x electric amphibious Zodiacs, 2x loading stations. Zodiacs are used for passenger disembarkation/tendering in places otherwise inaccessible by the ship. Each expedition boat is battery-powered. and designed with extra holds. The cruise ship also has (and provides complimentary to all passengers) 2-person sea kayaks, jet skis, wave runners, paddleboards, snorkeling-scuba diving equipment, fishing facilities, recompression chamber, multi-person ATVs.

The aft-located Marina Deck has a fold-out marina platform. This is the starting point for Zodiac cruising tours and watersports activities. Each boat is also crewed with professional tour guides, some of whom are renowned lecturers, wildlife researchers, adventure travel professionals, expedition experts. These boating excursions are available only in select ports of call and more exotic destinations.

All passenger decks have elevator access (via 2 lifts) and public restrooms. However, for safety reasons, the elevators are shut down during inclement weather.

Note: The superyacht (Crystal Endeavor) used to have two submarines (7-person mini-subs) but those were removed after changing ownership.