Finland easing restrictions for cruise ship passengers

   March 15, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Travelers from third countries who are reaching Finland by cruise ships are now able to enter the country (starting from Monday, March 14) given that they present proof of COVID vaccination or a recovery certificate no older than 6 months.

So far, foreigners were not permitted to enter Finland regardless of their vaccination/recovery status.

The move was announced on March 10th in a statement that revealed that the existing entry restrictions would be extended for another month, until April 10th.

The press release notes:

“The Corona pandemic continues, and, in order to safeguard the carrying capacity of health care, restrictions on the entry of external border traffic will be extended by one month, until April 10. Restrictions on passengers on cruise ships from outside the Schengen area will be relaxed,”

and further highlights that entry rules would be facilitated for that category of travelers from March 14.

The statement further clarifies that in order for cruise ship tourists to be permitted to enter the country, they have to present proof of:

  • COVID vaccination certificate with the primary course of vaccination completed at least 7 days before arrival but no older than 270 days, or
  • Certificate of recovery from the Coronavirus in the last 6 months confirmed by a positive laboratory test.

In case the traveler is not in possession of either one of the 2 certificates, he/she will be directed to a COVID testing point at the border.

The Finnish Ministry of Interior highlighted in a press release issued regarding the change that the requirement applied to those born in 2006/earlier. The certificate was not required for Finnish citizens/foreigners permanently residing in the country.

This way, cruisers from 3rd countries, who so far have not been permitted to enter Finland, will now be subject to the same restrictions as air passengers.

Finland's largest cruise port is Helsinki, while the largest ferry port is Naantali.