MSC Cruises re-vamping MSC Voyagers Club loyalty program with new benefits

   May 6, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

MSC Cruises announced it is re-vamping its MSC Voyagers Club loyalty program with a range of new benefits.

Voyagers Exclusives replaces Voyages Selection with more incentives for members, all of whom automatically benefit from a minimum 5% discount for any voyage booked at any time. Voyages Selection was previously available for just a select number of the global sailing schedule of MSC Cruises.

In addition, the further in advance a passenger books, the greater the benefits gained.

Any voyage booked from at least 6 months before departure will result in a further 5% discount. For all journeys booked from at least 9 months ahead of the sailing will see Silver, Gold & Diamond tier members receive the 5 plus 5% discount, plus either EUR 50 / US$50 shipboard credit.

All members who book any MSC holiday at sea 12 months prior to departure receive double reward points.

Members of loyalty programs run by other cruise companies, hotels, and tour operators can transfer to the MSC Voyages Club with an MSC Status Match available through travel agents/online at MSC Cruises’ website.

MSC Explora cruise ship

The cruise line also launched a new 2022 Summer promotion exclusively for MSC Voyagers Club members. Those members who book any voyage before June 30, 2022, to sail before October 30, 2022, will receive EUR/US$50 per person onboard credit and 700 extra points on top of the usual 5% discount.

The extra points are to be credited to the passengers’ account prior to departure, helping them to reach the next status level and enjoy benefits sooner.

The MSC Voyagers Club loyalty program includes 5 membership levels - Welcome, Classic, Silver, Gold, Diamond – and all earn points. As points grow, so do benefits.