RCI-Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises extending FCC Expiration Date but removing 25% Bonus

   June 3, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

RCI-Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises made major changes to their future cruise credit/non-refundable deposit schemes.

RCI is removing the expiration dates of Future Cruise Credits, allowing passengers to have more flexibility to use their money.

However, since Wednesday, June 1, FCCs will no longer apply when itineraries are canceled outside of the final payment period. Instead, the deposit amount is to be withheld in full.

Passengers who booked a non-refundable fare before June 1 for a Royal Caribbean voyage can elect to request a future cruise credit in the amount of the deposit paid per passenger, less a USD100 fee.

The cruise line removed the book by/redeem by dates on future cruise credits in February 2022, though at that time credits still expired in case they were not booked before the original expiration dates.

Many cruise companies offered customers greater than 100% FCCs as enticements for passengers to accept credits rather than refunds on canceled voyages.

RCI announced that the bonus amount above fare credits would still expire on the original expiration date.

Harmony Of The Seas cruise ship

Passengers in America were sent an email from Royal Caribbean, announcing the removal of the expiration dates for the fare-price credits. The email, which is signed by Assistant Vice President of Guest Experience Aurora Yera-Rodriguez, reads:

“The 25% bonus value provided through Global Suspension will remain active through your original expiration date and you have until that date to book a new sailing to take advantage of this bonus amount. Once your expiration date passes, your bonus amount will inactivate, however the FCC value associated with funds held in penalty will remain active and will never expire.”

Celebrity Cruises will also remove the incremental 25% bonus value that was provided on the expiration date/on December 31, 2022.