UnCruise Adventures' Wilderness Legacy ship's skiff partially flooded in Bartlett Cove (Glacier Bay NP Alaska)

   July 20, 2022 ,   Accidents

The small-ship company UnCruise Adventures experienced an accident shortly after departing Bartlett Cove dock in Glacier Bay NP (Alaska) on July 18.

The accident happened following a successful day of operations. While maneuvering away from the dock, the 27-foot open deck skiff (small boat) towed by SS Wilderness Legacy began flooding for a still unknown reason and partially submerged.

No cruise tourists or crew were aboard the boat at the time of the accident.

The immediate priority of the ship was to recover the 2 portable, 6-gallon fuel containers and coordinate with federal and private response personnel. It was determined that the environmental impact is minimal with an estimated 2 cups of gasoline escaping inside the boom the crew members set up around the skiff.

Because of the minor nature of the accident, the USCG didn't deploy a team.

Captain Dan Blanchard (UnCruise Adventures' CEO) said their immediate priority was to assure minimal environmental impact. He added they were pleased to remove the 2 portable gas containers.

“We have engaged with the appropriate local authorities and immediately enacted action plans via our Captain and crew. I look forward to quickly resolving this and returning our guests to normal operations shortly.”

SS Wilderness Legacy cruise ship

The company expected to restart operations with passengers by the end of the day.

Guests onboard were provided a remuneration/reimbursement for the voyage interruption.