Ferry crashes into terminal in Seattle (Washington USA)

   July 29, 2022 ,   Accidents

A ferry terminal in Seattle (Washington USA) was out of service on Thursday, July 28, after a passenger ferryboat crashed into a part of the terminal that helps guide vessels popular as "dolphins," the WSDOT-Washington State Department of Transportation revealed.

On its website, WSDOT said that the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal was "out of service until further notice following a hard landing by the Cathlamet." 

"The Issaquah will be the only boat on the route for now and will continue service between Southworth and Vashon. The boat will not operate on its regular schedule and just load vehicles before departing to its next destination to move as much traffic as possible."

According to Ian Sterling, a public information officer for Washington State Ferries, the Cathlamet had a "hard landing" causing "significant and serious damage," to the vessel.

Sterling said that was not something that they ever wanted to see happen, "and obviously a scary situation for both passengers and crew," adding that no serious injuries were reported.

The cause of the crash is now under investigation. The crew has been tested for drugs and alcohol, which is standard procedure.

The vessel is expected to be "out of commission for a few months as it undergoes repairs."

The terminal reopened after the USCG (Coast Guard) investigated the “hard landing.” The Cathlamet was moved from the terminal and made a number of stops for crewing purposes prior to heading to the Eagle Harbor maintenance facility.

The terminal's dock structure has been determined to be usable.