VIDEO: Viking Sea cruise ship with 800 passengers onboard breaks moorings in Ravenna (Italy)

   September 17, 2022 ,   Accidents

At 9.15 am Italy time (7:15 UTC) Saturday morning on September 17, the berthed at Port Ravenna (Porto Corsini, Italy)Viking OCEAN's ship Viking Sea, due to adverse weather conditions/strong winds broke the moorings risking running aground towards the land.

The intervention of a Gesmar-owned tugboat (part of Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group), to which 4 other tugboats were added later, made it possible to limit the displacement of the liner whose drift was 'slowed down' allowing them to bring the 228-m Viking Sea back to the quay.

According to a note from the local port authority, due to the exceptionally adverse weather situation of the last few hours, the cruise vessel (moored on the south berth at Porto Corsini's cruise terminal since 8 am / 6 UTC) had moved away from the berth due to strong gusts of north winds with absolutely extraordinary intensity.

The Port Authority and the nautical technical services (tugs, pilots, and mooring crews) promptly intervened, giving support to the passenger liner which was now safely and constantly monitored.

There had been no consequence for passengers who continued their activities.

Ravenna Port Authority adds that Viking Sea was already remoored in her position and when the weather conditions allow it, she would leave the port.


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