Finland's Gasum signs LNG fuel bunkering deal with MSC Cruises

   June 15, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

The state-owned Finnish energy company Gasum signed a long-term agreement with MSC Cruises, a subsidiary of the Switzerland-based MSC Group, to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) for MSC Euribia - MSC's second LNG-powered vessel.

Gasum has already supplied ~400 tons of bio-LNG for MSC Euribia's maiden voyage from St Nazaire France to Copenhagen Denmark.

On June 8th, MSC held Euribia's naming ceremony in Port Copenhagen. The recently signed agreement states that Gasum will provide LNG to the 331-meter-long vessel, but no specific details about the deal have been disclosed.

In addition to the supply agreement, Gasum and MSC have also signed a letter of intent to collaborate on the supply of synthetic e-LNG, produced using renewable energy. This partnership is part of MSC Cruises' strategy to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its marine operations by 2050. The LNG technology onboard MSC Euribia allows for the switch to fully renewable liquefied biogas (bio-LNG) or synthetic gas (e-LNG) at any time, enabling reductions of up to 100% in greenhouse gas emissions.

The letter of intent aims to ensure MSC's access to e-LNG, which is produced through the hydrogenation of renewable energy and captured CO2. Gasum and MSC Cruises are working together to develop a practical plan for reducing emissions in MSC's cruise shipping operations, with the aim of utilizing several thousand tons of e-LNG starting in 2026.