Sea Cloud Cruises 2024 - new routes, destinations, and concepts

   August 18, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

For the year 2024, Sea Cloud Cruises/fleet has expanded its offerings beyond its well-established art, culture, and culinary trips. The company has developed new programs that cater to current trends such as regeneration, mindfulness, and well-being.

These fresh experiences are specially crafted for Sea Cloud Spirit ship and draw upon the positive feedback garnered during its inaugural full season. This innovative approach reflects Sea Cloud Cruises' commitment to meeting the increasing demand for unique, soothing, yet enriching journeys.

The company's General Manager Daniel Schafer elaborates on the evolving preferences of their guests, stating that an increasing number of their guests considered self-indulgence and self-discovery as their primary objectives. The traditional notion of cruising, focused on traveling between two points while keeping busy throughout, was losing its allure.

Adding another exciting destination to its roster, Sea Cloud Cruises introduces the Azores. The voyage from Oporto Portugal to Sao Miguel Azores, scheduled from July 29th to August 4th, 2024, is poised to fulfill many travelers' dreams. After 3 days of sailing across the Atlantic, the lush group of islands emerges on the horizon.

In the upcoming season, the opulent Sea Cloud ships will once again showcase their distinction as luxurious tall ships offering an intimate travel experience. Navigating regions spanning the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Caribbean, Central America, Atlantic, and the North Sea, the principle of being "small yet exquisite" empowers Sea Cloud Cruises to explore areas rarely included in others' itineraries.