Princess Cruises expanding expedited embarkation and lunch options

   August 25, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Princess Cruises has revealed a series of enhancements aimed at improving the travel experience. These updates encompass both expedited embarkation procedures and novel lunch alternatives, set to debut across all their cruise ships within the current month.

A notable addition is the introduction of specialty dining options during lunchtime at the specialty restaurants Crown Grill, Sabatini's, and The Catch. This new offering will gradually be introduced fleetwide by the culmination of the month.

Furthermore, Princess is expanding its expedited embarkation/boarding process through the refinement of its "Green Lane" and "Blue Lane" check-in routes.

Passengers who have successfully fulfilled the prerequisites outlined in the Travel Checklist and have obtained their Medallions before the voyage will be assigned to the "Green Lane" category. On the other hand, passengers with pending checklist items or those opting to collect their Medallions during embarkation will fall into the "Blue Lane" category.

For the "Green Lane" passengers, swift entry onto the cruise ship is facilitated by a straightforward Medallion scan after a brief document review. "Blue Lane" passengers, however, will follow analogous procedures, involving a visit to a Princess representative stationed at a terminal check-in point. During this visit, they will finalize their travel documentation and checklist, as well as receive their Medallion.

The deployment of pre-cruise Medallion shipping commences on September 25th, 2023, for Canadian residents. This service will subsequently extend to Australian and UK residents in the early months of 2024.

Guests who opt for the Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages will enjoy the added benefit of complimentary Medallion and accessory delivery. Alternatively, those who select the standard package can request the mailing of their Medallions and accessories for a nominal fee of $10 (U.S.)/$15 (Canada).

Lastly, the Carnival Corporation-owned company is broadening its assortment of Medallion accessories. Available for purchase are leather keychains (at $7 when purchased prior to the voyage), as well as Carabiner clip-on keychains (at $15). These join the existing array of accessories, including bracelets, lanyards, clip-ons, and necklaces.