NCL-Norwegian Epic cruise ship causes oil spill in Split, Croatia

   August 29, 2023 ,   Accidents

The Norwegian Epic cruise ship caused an oil spill while offloading bilge water/oil residues at Port Split, Croatia. This unfortunate occurrence led to the contamination of both the sea and the adjacent coastline. However, prompt and effective actions undertaken by the NCL ship's crew in conjunction with a specialized environmental company swiftly contained the spill, mitigating its potential impact.

According to Croatia's Ministry of the Sea, Transport & Infrastructure, the spill transpired during the oil residue extraction phase while the ship was moored at the outer berth of the Port of Split.

The sequence of events involved a portion of the oil spill originating from the oil residue removal procedure. As elucidated by the ministry, the ship's crew was in the process of conducting the pumping operation when an unforeseen rupture manifested at the point of connection between the ship's piping system and its storage tank. This rupture, situated above the waterline, was the direct cause of the spill. Rapid response protocols were enacted by both the ship's crew and personnel from the specialized environmental company, leading to the timely resolution of the situation aboard the vessel.

In order to address the environmental repercussions, a dedicated environmental company was enlisted to manage the cleanup efforts. Their approach encompassed the strategic deployment of absorbent barriers, effectively creating dams to contain the spread of the spilled oil. By preventing the further diffusion of pollution, the company's intervention played a pivotal role in limiting the extent of the contamination affecting the sea and coastline.

Despite the incident, the Port Authority of Split issued a reassuring statement on the evening following the occurrence. They asserted that no lasting ecological ramifications emerged as a result of the spill. This assertion was primarily attributed to the rapid mobilization and effective performance of the specialized environmental company, which ensured the swift and comprehensive remediation of the affected area.

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