Meyer Floating Solutions introduces the world's first floating cruise terminals

   September 8, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Meyer Floating Solutions, a subsidiary of the esteemed MEYER Group, has introduced a pioneering innovation to the cruise industry: the world's first floating cruise terminals.

These groundbreaking terminals present an environmentally conscious and resource-efficient solution for cruise ports on a global scale. With a versatile portfolio encompassing various designs and adaptable modules, MEYER Floating Solutions is redefining the standards for port infrastructure.

As a crucial part of the MEYER Group, renowned for its three leading cruise shipbuilding yards, MEYER Floating Solutions has revolutionized port development with a strong emphasis on flexibility and sustainability. This innovative approach caters to the requirements of ports lacking substantial infrastructure while offering the adaptability to expand or relocate terminals as needed.

Kaj Casen (MEYER Floating Solutions' CEO) emphasizes the advantages stating that their floating cruise terminals provide a dynamic solution for ports in search of seamless expansion possibilities, ensuring the security and confidence of both public and private investors. MEYER's approach doesn't involve reinventing the wheel; instead, it amalgamates the best practices and approaches from various industries, leveraging established technologies. Floating assets up to the size of a full terminal can be manufactured in a controlled environment like a shipyard, reducing the need for local site work like land reclamation while maintaining critical safety and operability through fixed mooring arrangements such as mooring dolphins.

MEYER Floating Solutions boasts a diverse range of terminal designs that can be seamlessly integrated with complementary modules, including hotels, parking facilities, energy supply centers, and shopping complexes, all produced under the MEYER umbrella. From streamlined pier systems that minimize disruption to land infrastructure and the natural environment to complex terminals accommodating multiple ships simultaneously with up to three piers, the possibilities are extensive. These pier options, spanning from 205 meters (82 feet) to 320 meters (1050 feet) in length, have been meticulously crafted to maximize utility within a compact footprint of 410 meters in length and 265 meters (869 feet) in width. Casen adds their terminals are intentionally designed to be modular, allowing operators to efficiently meet increasing demand and enhance their facilities with minimal on-site complexity.

Each module is meticulously constructed within MEYER Group's shipyards, employing an environmentally conscious and controlled environment that conserves valuable resources. This groundbreaking innovation signifies a significant milestone in the evolution of cruise terminals. MEYER Floating Solutions' commitment to sustainable, adaptable, and resource-efficient infrastructure heralds a new era for the cruise industry, where port expansion seamlessly aligns with environmental responsibility.

MEYER is an internationally recognized group with the German shipyards in Papenburg and Rostock as well as in Turku Finland, alongside other subsidiaries and companies employing ~7000 people. Collaborating with a highly qualified network of suppliers, MEYER constructs cruise ships, river cruise ships, research vessels, and ferries for customers worldwide. Each vessel is precisely tailored to its specific market and target audience. The shipyards within the MEYER Group are among the largest and most advanced globally, having produced 115 luxury liners for international shipping companies over several decades.