New electric battery-powered cruise ship to debut on Shanghai's Huangpu River

   September 10, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

A new electric battery-powered cruise ship is scheduled to make her inaugural appearance on Shanghai's Huangpu River later this year, as confirmed by official sources.

The China-flagged riverboat has length 41 m, width 11 m, draft 1,6 m, max capacity 150 passengers, and operates with minimal noise and environmental impact.

Tian Ye, responsible for overseeing the ship's battery power system, has emphasized its independent research and development, carried out by the China State Shipbuilding Corp's Shanghai Marine Equipment Research Institute.

The vessel, named Shanghai Jiushi (MMSI 413870902), was handed over to its operator in August 2023 and is currently undergoing outfitting and obtaining the necessary licenses before commencing service.

Presently, the majority of the over 50 sightseeing vessels operating on the Huangpu River in Shanghai rely on conventional fuel-powered propulsion. Transitioning these vessels to new energy sources could potentially result in substantial reductions in carbon emissions, potentially reaching thousands or even tens of thousands of metric tons annually, as highlighted in a report from China Ship News.

The deployment of projects like Shanghai Jiushi aligns with China's overarching goals related to carbon emissions reduction and neutrality, as well as Shanghai's specific objective to enhance the development of its waterfront areas. In accordance with city regulations implemented last year, regions along the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek are slated for transformation into world-class waterfront destinations characterized by scenic beauty and ecological green public spaces.

The ship's new energy power system is notably equipped with a high-performance control system, consolidating functions that encompass energy management, propulsion control, monitoring alerts, and remote supervision. This integration achieves a high level of automation, as clarified by Tian.

Shanghai Jiushi, financed by Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise, features dimensions with a length of 41.51 meters and a width of 10.9 meters, marking a notable milestone in the evolution of environmentally conscious cruise vessels in the region.