MSC Cruises implements Neurotechnology's advanced biometric Face Verification system

   May 16, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

Neurotechnology's Face Verification system has been adopted by the world's third-largest cruise company MSC Cruises.

This biometric technology is integrated into "MSC for Me" (mobile app) and MSC's website, streamlining the pre-enrollment photo capture process for passengers. Utilizing the Neurotechnology Face Verification SDK and Web Service, the system efficiently captures and stores passengers' photos for security purposes throughout their voyage.

The face recognition system automates the pre-cruise check-in process, allowing guests to capture their photos using personal devices. These images are then saved in MSC Cruises' onboard systems and adhere to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards as defined in ISO 19794-5. This ensures high-quality, compliant images that facilitate easy passenger recognition by the crew.

Neurotechnology's software mandates that passengers face the camera directly, free from obstructions such as hats or sunglasses, to ensure optimal image quality.

Neurotechnology has been expanding its biometric solutions portfolio. In April, the SentiVeillance product line was updated to version 9.1, featuring the MegaMatcher 13.1 algorithms and new capabilities such as live event tracking and Intel GPU support. Additionally, Neurotechnology's SentiVeillance system was integrated into Plovdiv, Bulgaria's parking monitoring system, enhancing real-time license plate recognition.

Furthermore, Neurotechnology's fingerprint recognition technology reclaimed the top position in the NIST PFT III evaluation earlier this year, reinforcing the company's leadership in biometric innovation.