Norway to Build a Giant Tunnel for Cruise Ships: VIDEO

   April 2, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

Stad Penninsula in Norway might be achingly handsome but it’s also too dangerous for vessels to pass around.

To find a solution the Norwegian Coastal Administration has come up with ambitious billion pound project to build the world’s first full-scale ‘ship tunnel’.

If completed it’ll be a towering piece of engineering: A mile-long tunnel that’s 37m high and 26.5m wide making it large enough for Norway’s cruise ships.

The project is still in the early stages but if approved it would become the first tunnel of its kind and would become a huge engineering project.

To create the tunnel they would have to blast through 7.5 million tons of rock.

Once approved the tunnel would take 3-4 years to complete and when finished would actually leave the Norwegian government at a loss.

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