Daily Cruise Ferry Boat Services Start Between Mumbai and Goa

   January 12, 2018 ,   Cruise Industry

Mumbai to Goa daily cruise ferry boat services, covering the distance within 7 hours, will be started soon.

The ferry services, scheduled to be operational by the end of December, were postponed to mid-January as the trials are still underway.

According to MbPT (Mumbai Trust Port) officials, the new cruise ferry boat service will be functional only after proper trial runs are finished. This will take until the middle or end of January.

The port of Mumbai has a current capacity of 80 vessels but has the potential to host a total of 700 ships once it is completely developed.

In November, a ferry service between Kochi and Mumbai was launched. The ticket fare is Rs 30,000 for 4 nights Mumbai to Kochi.

Port of Mumbai

The Mumbai-Goa ferry can carry around 400 travelers in one trip. The fare has not been announced yet.

The ferry service will not be available during monsoon seasons, for 4 months.

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