VIDEO: Costa Concordia Story

   September 9, 2018 ,   Accidents

Costa Concordia sank on the evening of Friday, January 13, 2012, off the Tuscan West Coast of Italy near the island of Giglio. The ship's sinking was a true tragedy - both as lost lives and huge financial losses, but also as a major cruise ship safety issue.

As witnesses reported - it all started with a loud bang. The huge ship shuddered to a halt, then plunged into darkness experiencing a total power loss. This was the beginning of the 2 long hours of a Titanic-like experience affecting all the 3206 passengers and 1023 crew on the unfortunate liner.

News teams reported from the scene many of the passengers jumped overboard and swam to shore as the vessel took on a 20-30 degree list to starboard presenting a real danger of sinking. When the panic subsided and all passengers and crew left the vessel, it remained capsized, resting against a small breakwater.

Costa Concordia final death toll was 32, with 2 missing (presumed dead) and 157 seriously injured (of which 64 injured badly).

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