Carnival’s Passengers to Stay Better Connected At Sea

   December 27, 2018 ,   Cruise Industry

Carnival Cruise Line signed a new contract with a company that is looking to improve internet service for both passengers and the vessels on which they sail.

Over the past years, every cruise company has worked to improve their connectivity at sea. While accessing the internet while in the middle of the ocean was recently considered as impossible, it is now expected.

That is why the news that Carnival Cruise Line signed a new contract with Speedcast, the company with which they have been working for a while, is such a deal. Speedcast revealed that the new deal (with options to be extended) would allow them to “provide remote communications and value-added services" across the global fleet of Carnival cruise ships.

Carnival Cruise Line Internet

According to the contract's details, the cruise line will be making a substantial increase in their communications system. The release of Speedcast, touting the deal, indicated that meant that the bandwidth delivered to the fleet would be increased significantly in order to provide travelers with high-quality internet experience. Via utilizing 40 satellites, the company will be able to offer the world's largest dedicated maritime satellite network.

As the result of a 4-year development program, Speedcast developed a system named TrueBeam expected to give Carnival’s fleet enhanced connectivity. The system is looking for weaknesses which would impact the internet signal and is instantly rerouting it in order to avoid interruptions. The interruptions might include weather (“rain fade”), overcrowded networks and line-of-sight blockage.