Carnival to Add New 3D X-Ray Machines

   February 8, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Carnival Cruise Line revealed it is adding 3D x-ray security scanning at 9 of its North American cruise ports. This way, the company is bringing the latest travel and facility security technology to the cruise industry. 

The Montreal-based Canadian firm VOTI Detection took the contract for 91 of the 3D scanning units. According to VOTI president & CEO Rory Olson, the durability of the design in a maritime environment was the key factor, along with advanced imaging capability and remote diagnosis capability. 

Carnival Cruise Line logo

VOTI claims its equipment speeds up screening and enhances detection by providing operators with a 3D view of the object. The scanners can save the imaging files in a format which allows them to be re-analyzed if needed. 

Carnival Cruise Line has already started deploying the units and expects to finish the rollout by the end of February.