How Student Can Get a Job on a Cruise Ship for the Summer

   March 6, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Every summer there is some kind of dilemma what kind of job you should take during the term brake. On the one hand most of the students would like to travel and have fun, but on the other they would like to earn some money. What if there is a good opportunity for you to combine both? We decide to give you some advice how to get a job on the cruise ship and spend your holidays with pleasure, traveling and exploring the world and getting good salary in the meanwhile. 

Choose the right cruise

Before you apply for any position on the ship – decide how long you would like to be there on the cruise. There are different types of them: international, local and regional. If you decide to go with the international one then be prepared to skip at least one semester of your studies. The other terms are used for the smaller routes and you can apply for the river cruises or even tours on the lake. Maybe you can find the option of the one-time cruise to other countries, but it is very hard to find. 

Find the resort 

Many cruise companies are linked to the resorts. This means that you can both work on the ship and on the land. This is a splendid opportunity to visit some specific place and stay to work there and then get back by the ship. Also you can apply for the cruise through the resort easily.

Plan everything right

To become a part of the crew you will need to take some of the trainings, provided by the company, as well as preliminary health check. This is why you should finish all your work with the studies. Use some kind of phd research proposal writing service or essay writing service to get rid of the tasks you have in your university and concentrate on the applying for the job. Please apply early. The recruitment process in ship companies may take a while, as maybe you will need visas to be open and fees to be paid. 

Are you qualified?

When applying for the cruise job you need to be at least 21 year old and have necessary qualification. There are many candidates who are eager to get positions on the ship and this is why you need to stand out from the crowd. There are several options you can apply for on the ship:

Entertainment staff – if you know what kind of entertainment you can bring to the ship then this is what you need to apply for. The crew is always lacking for the people with dancing, singing and other show performances that can be interesting for the guests. You can find these jobs on the PEEL Talent

Management – there are many of these positions available both on the ships and on the land resorts. This is the best way to boost your career of you are a recent graduate.

Kitchen staff – this is very traditional and popular role that requires high standards and qualifications. If you are good and cooking or doing cocktails – then you can easily apply for it.

Accommodation staff – cruise ships are the same structure as hotels this is why the guests must be granted the best service in the rooms and restaurants. There are plenty positions for the accommodation staff.

Fitness and beauty – this is one of the spheres that can be useful for you if you are into the gym culture and have skills of barber or make-up artist. 

Casino – there is always a need for the staff at the cruise casinos. Be aware not to play there by yourself.

IT and office – there is always some kind of the administrative role that you can handle in the office of the cruise. 

If you are looking for the student job then this is what can be your chance to have an adventure of the lifetime. Go online and find the list of the companies that recruit staff for the cruise. Choose the role you like and the resort you would like to work for, as well as plan the time you will be absent from the studies. Make you CV and think of your benefits as an employee. Remember, if you are sea sick there is no way you can go there and spend half a year in the open sea – as it will drive you crazy.  

Sandra Larson

Sandra has been working as a crew recruiter for many years. Her experience includes: training and preparation of the cruise staff, as well as management of the services on the ships. Her advice is always appreciated by the clients and candidates.