Long Term Parking For Cruises Out of Seattle

   September 13, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

There are few places on Earth that are as beautiful as the Pacific North West and all it has to offer, and if you and your family have decided that it’s finally time to take a cruise through Alaska, Hawaii, or down to California from the Port of Seattle, there are a few more things to think about than all the fun you’re going to have.

Let’s consider a few important details about your upcoming trip.

Getting to the Port of Seattle

Whether you're a citizen of Seattle or the surrounding areas, it’s always a good idea to plan out how you’ll be arriving at the port where your cruise will be taking off from.

Of course, it’s not always logical to park your car in or near the Port of Seattle. Perhaps you’re looking for a more economical, safe, and convenient place to leave your car as you go off and explore the world.

Now, let’s take a look at a couple of undesirable manners of arriving at the port:

  • Having a friend drop you off at the port. You could ask a friend to drop you off at the port, but if the cruise line asks for early check-ins, you might not want to ask a friend or family member to sacrifice their sleep.
  • Uber. Of course, there’s always Uber — but with prices that are often doubled and even tripled for destinations such as seaports and airports, that might be off the table.

Thankfully, there are a whole host of SeaTac airport long term parking options. You might not have thought of it as your first option, but utilizing long-term parking lots that are usually used for the airport can be surprisingly convenient and cost-effective for cruises as well.

If you’re coming from somewhere a little farther away, like Olympia or Yakima, the distance between Seattle airport parking options and the Port of Seattle is really not so far.

Port of Seattle (Washington)

The Wrong Choice

There are plenty of different options for parking your car, but some can add a considerable amount of money to the overall cost of your trip.

Take, for example, Seattle Cruise Park. This lot is specifically catering to those that want to leave their cars closer to cruise ports while sailing away at sea. Granted, it is only about 3-8 minutes away from the port depending on which one your cruise departs out of, but just wait until you hear the rates:

$157 USD for 7 Night Cruise

$199.91 USD for 14 Night Cruise

Those prices are almost as high as some small cruises! With high parking fees for your vehicle and excursion fees after you get on the ship, the little “hidden fees” of vacationing can start to pile up.

The Right Choice - SeaTac Parking (way.com/seatac)

As mentioned earlier, if you’re driving a long distance to get to the cruise port, taking a cab or an Uber really is out of the question.

So, you have your car, and you’ve almost arrived at the port, where are you going to park your car during your 7-day cruise?

Why not take a look at a few airport parking options that are significantly cheaper than cruise parking options:

  • HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof Inn

Cost: From $4.95/day

Security: 24-hours

  • Quality Inn Seatac Airport Parking

Cost: From $4.50/day

Security: 24-hours

As you can see, depending on the length of your cruise, utilizing Seattle airport parking for your cruise can save you a lot of money. Using SeaTac long term parking can take your parking costs from under $200 to under $40.