The Port of Dover Prepares for Brexit

   October 5, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Port Dover UK is currently Europe's busiest ferry port with billions of GBP worth of imports/exports on daily scheduled regular crossings. Some of the goods transported are called “just in time” goods like car parts which allow manufacturers to adapt to supply/demand needs.

Another key item that is transported through the Port of Dover is perishable goods such as fruit that depend on a timely transfer in order to retain freshness. However, with Brexit day looming, business owners in the port city say they are concerned that delays at the border could impact the operations inside the Port.

Port of Dover (England)

The government has published guidelines for UK businesses on what to do in case the country leaves the EU without a deal. It has spent millions of pounds preparing for Brexit. According to the Port of Dover, it has extra resources and made major investments as it understands that it's become Britain’s “just in time conveyor belt.”

Not all businesses are convinced. The ones in the logistics industry rely on the “just in time” goods, particularly from countries like Holland and Germany to the UK.